Ready To Work With Brother Scott And A New Crew Chief
Older brother Scott saw almost immediate success in ASA; he won the second race he ever entered (Lanier, GA in April of 2000) and won the very next race (Hickory, NC also in April of 2000) as well.  Scott moved into the Busch Series operation of Bill Davis at the end of 2000 and won four of the last five NASCAR BGN races for that team at the end of last season.

The spotlight was on younger brother Chris in 2001 when he stepped into the #05 his brother made famous.  And while he has enjoyed two solid years of ASA Racing competition, Chris has only finished in the top ten  five times with a career-best finish of eighth at I-70 Speedway last season.

What people do not realize, however, is that Scott had spent two
When a racer is successful and his younger brother tries to follow in his footsteps, comparisons between the two are inevitable.  It's the "older brother syndrome."  That's exactly what happened to Chris Wimmer the moment he climbed into the family-owned ride vacated by his brother two years ago.
seasons with the traveling Hooters ProCup Series and gained valuable experience against some of the best racers in the country before moving to the country's premier short track series.  When Chris began his ASA career, he had only a couple years of seasoning around the tough Wisconsin short track scene.  We know that Chris has what it takes from watching him in both ASA and Late Model races, but a lack of money has also been a downfall for the 23-year-old.

So now, with a couple of ASA seasons under his belt, this could be Chris Wimmer's time to shine.  And this year the Wimmer boys will be together again.  Chris is packing up his Wausau, WI, based team and will be moving to North Carolina to be near his brother and to start anew.
Wimmer Racing's run in ASA began a few years ago with Scott.
"We are really excited to be moving the whole operation down there," said Chris.  "We are planning to move down the week after Daytona."

"It's something we should have done sooner," Scott told us during Busch Series testing at Daytona Int'l Speedway.  "Chris is a good racer, but he didn't have the help he needed when he started.  Now I'll be able to help work on the car with him and I have a lot of resources to pull from here, too.  I think it will help him a lot."

A lot of planning is needed to make a move like this.  Even with Scott's help, you need a crew chief to help prepare the cars and a place to put them, so the Wimmers figured they'd feel things out a bit.

"We put an ad in the paper this winter looking for a crew chief.  A guy down in North Carolina answered our ad and said he would move up
here to be with us, but he had a family and all and since we had thought about moving already, we figured it would be better to just do it.  He had a shop down there, so that is what we are going to use.  Being by Scott will be a big plus, too."

The team will relocate to High Point, where new crew chief David Adams has his own shop.  Adams is a veteran crew chief from the area, but Chris admits he doesn't know much about him right now.

"I haven't actually met him, but my Dad has and he thinks David will be a great fit with our team."
Both Chris and Scott's parents, Ron and Joan, have been the backbone of kickstarting both of their sons' racing careers, so to do it without their daily attention will be knew for the family.

"It is just going to be me and all of the cars and equipment going to North Carolina.  Mom and Dad are staying up in Wisconsin. They are going to miss having it around, but the whole thing was my Dad's idea, so I know he is excited about it.  My mom is still a little hesitant.  I don't think she wants to lose another of her boys.  I am really excited though."
"I am excited to be in the North Carolina area and near Scott.  I think I will get some better help and some better ideas, especially from Scott.  It will be great to have him around.  I have heard other people say Scott is looking forward to me coming down so he can help me out.  I look forward to working with him again.  We always seemed to work well together."

Chris plans to just shack up with his brother for a while, but admits he doesn't want to wear out his welcome and will move out on his own as soon as he can.
Chris talks with his dad Ron.
The team is close to signing a sponsor for the season, hopefully with Direct Electric, with whom the team worked with at the end of the 2002 season.  A sponsor would make Chris' 2003 season look more than promising.

"I really think we will be decent this year," surmises Chris.  "This will be 100 percent better than last year, especially being down in the North Carolina area.  With Scott's help, Doug's new position and hopefully some other good help, we could be a contender."
by Jeremy Troiano & Bob Dillner