Man, That Is One Chewed Up Wallet!
(Editor's Note:  Billy's wallet is very, very warn out.  We inquire why.) 

"As you notice my wallet is a little worn. That is compliments of my Basset Hound Al. He likes to chew on my wallet. I left it out the other week and he found it.

"I believe I got this wallet a few years ago at Christmas. It's a Wilson Leather wallet. My wife spoils me at Christmas and got me a real nice wallet. It lasted me until the Basset Hound got a hold of it. The dog gets into everything and he kinda got a hold of one of my favorite Cubs hats once and I had to straighten him out on that. You've gotta be understanding with him though.
Billy Venturini, son of legendary ARCA champion Bill Venturini, has found his niche in the familiar ARCA Series the last several years.  While he is still looking for his first career ARCA victory, he's been close plenty of times.

Venturini's career best ARCA finish is second, which he's done three times (his last time was earlier this year at Kentucky).  He also finished a career best fifth in the point standings last season and is third this year.

But at just 28 years of age, Venturini still has plenty of
UNIVERSITY MASTERCARD – UNC Charlotte - "My wife is an alumni."

Sporadically throughout the year, we will take the time and ask Short Track drivers around the country “What's In Your Wallet?”  This is a no-hold-barred, “You have no time to clean it out” look as to what Short Track drivers keep in their wallets. 
It is a wallet, but it doesn't carry much money.
LICENSE – "The license is in two pieces. The officers usually don't mind because I have all of the pieces.  It's brike because my dog chewed up on it too. He had it out and had it in two pieces. He gets a little rambunxious. "

POST IT NOTES – "They say Emfimil on them. All of her little notepads are from the nursing department so they are emfimil pads."

FOOT ACTION CARD – "It's a Foot Action store deal for gym shoes. God knows how long that has been in there.  It is probably expired. "

GUESS CARD – "This is for the Guess store for clothes. Wow, this must be a return card.  Hey this is great!  I've got some money on this card.  I didn't know it was in there."

CALLING CARD – "I use this once in a while. I mostly carry around stuff in my wallet that I don't really use."
Billy's license is special... it comes in two pieces.
MODERN CUTS CARD – "That's the girl that cuts my hair. It's an Iranian woman. I can't understand a damn word she says but she cuts hair the best out of anyone I've ever had. The conversations lousy but the hair cut is great."

STATE TROOPER CARD – "This card is very very important. My brother-in-law is a State Trooper and having this car helps me get out of speeding tickets."

CONCORD MINI STORAGE – "This is where I have a lot of my stuff while my house is being built."
BILLY VENTURINI BUSINESS CARD – "I've got my own card here so I can give it to people." 

REAL ESTATE CARD – "This is the guy who I bought my property that I am building my house on. About a mile from Lowe's Motor Speedway."

HOLISTIC CONNECTIONS CARD – "This is the girl I use for massages. She is in Harrisburg. I don't get massages very often. Maybe two to three times a year. It's great when you get one."

PLANET NUTRITION - "This is for Nutritional Supplements and stuff like that. I work out. During the winter I work out about five times a week  In the summer it is less but I got there about three times this week. If not I get fat real quick. I'll end up like my dad real quick if I don't work out. I can put on 40 pounds like it's nothing so I have to work out."

PHONE NUMBER LIST – "My lawyer, my architect, my bank. Everything in this wallet really deals with racing or the house I am building."
That is the work of Billy's little Basset Hound Al.
time to win races, win championships and possibly head off to the upper echelons of NASCAR.

Now though, we take a lighter look at Venturini, in the form of his wallet.

ONSTAR CARD – "She has a Cadillac and therefor she has the OnStar. I drive an 11 year old green Trans Am.  Do you see a little trend happening here. She has my money. She has the nice equipment. I pretty much work all the time. It was supposed to be our car and it has turned into her car. I just drive my raggedy car. The OnStar is for if you break down they come fix you up."

ROCKY RIVER BUILDERS – "My cabinet makers for the house."

GLADIATOR GARAGE WORKS – "He's getting me a deal on my whirlpool appliances for my new house. He is a ARCA series sponsor."
Awe.... BIlly goes to a salon.
$11 IN CASH - "We've got all of 11 dollars. My wife has already gotten to me and gotten the thirty bucks I had on me.

"That's actually about six bucks more than I usually carry. I usually have about five bucks on me.

"I've got some plastic though!"

GM CARD – "That's the team credit card. So I can jack up stuff on the team and not have to worry about paying for it."

Here is a look at all of the good stuff Billy keeps in his chewed up wallet.