Police Business Cards Abound And No Money
Commercial driver's licensee - “Someone has to drive the hauler.  The picture is pretty dorky.”

Trooper Frank Pierce NC State Highway Patrol Business Card - “Right behind my driver's license, just in case I ever get pulled over, maybe they'll see it.”

Johnston Country Sherrif's Card (Get Out Of Jail Free Card) – “It is just a joke, but incase I ever need it.  In case I see a bank robber and can't remember the 911 number.”
The first victim is ASA veteran Greg Stewart, who showed us everything in his wallet.  There was so much crap in there, it took nearly 15 minutes to go through it all! 

Stewart, who has been racing full-time with ASA since 1998 (where he was a rookie with now Nextel Cup star Jimmie Johnson), has finished in the top-20 in points every year, but is still searching for that first ASA victory.  He has three career top-five finishes and 22 top-10s.

(standard flip wallet with an imprint from sort of circular wrapper on the side):
Medical Examiners Certificate

Inspirational Card “Believe In Yourself” - “One of my ex, ex girlfriends gave it to me back in 1998. I should read it more often.”

Miscellaneous Ticket Stubs - “No clue what they are for.”

Monroe (Ga) Chief of Police Business Card - “Um.. another one, yeah, I don't know what to say.  Haha! You would think I was a crook, but I guess I just like the cops.”

ATM Card
Welcome to the first installment of a new, unique feature here on Speed51.com.  Sporadically throughout the year, we will take the time and ask Short Track drivers around the country “What's In Your Wallet?”  This is a no-hold-barred ,“You have no time to clean it out” look as to what Short Track drivers keep in their wallets. 
Greg Stewart was our first victim.
Steven Higdon Stanley Country DA Business Card (EDITOR’S NOTE: Now we are suspicious)

Mustang Ranch Frequent Visitor Card - “Damn, I don't know what I have in my wallet.  It isn't mine, really.” (EDITOR’S NOTE: Sure Greg.)

Delta Frequent Flyer Card - “We don't fly much out of Four Oaks.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield Card

Screaming Eagle Business Gold Credit Card - “I try to use that one all the time, except when dad says don't use it.”
Stewart shows off his MANY policeman business cards.  We are still a little suspecious.
NASCAR Nextel Cup Series Schedule

Blockbuster Card - “It’s been a while since I've rented a movie. The last one would have been School of Rock.”

Vehicle Insurance Card

LifeForce International Check For $48.95 - “I can't cash it.  It is from my sponsor Body Balance.  It is outdated.  I was going to call them and have them make me another one.”

American Express “Screaming Eagle Motorsports” - “That's the biggie.”

Wade Stewart Business Card - “I just use dad's business cards to write phone numbers on.”
Jeremy Troiano – 51 Sports Business Card - “He is just some nosey ass that always asks me stupid questions.”

Matt Dillner - NASCAR Images Business Card (ripped) - “I must have needed the part of a card to jot a number down and so I ripped it apart.  I didn't need anything but the name and number.”

Vitamin World Frequent Visitor Card

Torn out ad from a magazine for a mattress pad - “I wanted it but didn't get it, probably because the damn thing has been in my wallet since I ripped it out of the magazine.”
Bush / Chaney '04 Business Card - “We are big republicans in North Carolina.  I want to put the Bush / Chaney Logo on the car and I need to call someone about it.”
We are glad to see Greg takes care of our business cards so well.
Peter Cozzolino's Business Card - “I figured I would call him up to get reimbursed from him sometime for some of the stuff he's done before.”

Ryan Zeck Business Card - “I don't talk with him much, but he is a cool cat.”

Various friend and racing products business cards

The Spa Business Card - “It's not a full service spa with a guys name on it, trust me.  That is just where I get my hair cut.”

ASA Speaking Points 2004 Card - “I think I represent
Stewart says he has this card to collect damages later down the road.
ASA pretty well without having to read these points.  Some of the contacts on the other side may be useful sometimes I guess.  I can't believe people are actually keeping these though.”

$67 (supposed to be in money clip, with no clip present) - “My money is just all wadded up and in no particular order.  Sophistication is suppose to be when a guy can get out of a cab and just pay a cabbie without counting his money because he knows where it is at.  Well, I guess I'm not too sophisticated.  That is the redneck way to do it.  Just ball it up and stick it in your pocket.”