Pro Cup Credit Card King Carries No Cash
Best Buy – Two gift certificates.  I think maybe I will buy some CD's or something. Maybe a stereo for my truck.

Build a Bear Workshop - We went to Build a Bear Workshop.  I've got three stamps there.  My brother and I went there at christmas and we reaked havoc on the place.  They made us jump up and down.  We were there for a few hours.  We built a generic bear.  It wasn't a racer bear.  Just a regular bear with boxers and a safari hat.  He was pimp.
The third victim is Hooters Pro Cup Series driver Danny Sammons, who gave us an all-access look at his leather.

Sammons' wallet was pretty small and he usually doesn't even have it on him.

"It's a thin wallet, says Sammons.  "It's not too thick. I don't like it thick.  It kinda hurts my ass if it's thick."

There was no cash but plenty of other cool stuff...well, some of it was cool.
Blockbuster card - The last movie I rented with this was Bad Boys 2.  I thought it was pretty cool.
Sporadically throughout the year, we will take the time and ask Short Track drivers around the country “What's In Your Wallet?”  This is a no-hold-barred, “You have no time to clean it out” look as to what Short Track drivers keep in their wallets. 
Sammons cut short a post race snack to empty his "thin" wallet for us.
New Jersey State Drivers License - If you are under 21 in New Jersey you have to look the other way in the photo.

Receipts - Two receipts for gas.  We go through plenty of that.

New Jersey State Police PBA card – I haven't used this one yet.  I got a ticket a week before I got this card.  It was a little too late.

USAR Drivers license

On Star card - This is in case I lock myself out, I can get back in.
Is that a glamour shot or a mug shot?
GAP Card – I get more use out of that than the other Gift Cards.

Credit Cards Galore - I've got my credit cards and the company credit cards.

Girlfriend's Credit Card - I also have my girlfriend's credit card.  I guess she trusts me.  In case I need to buy her shoes or something.  I can actually buy her gifts and she pays for it!

American Express Business card – This bill goes to dad. This is for the race business.  All the hotels and all go on
this card.  Actually this bill goes to my Mom.  She pays all of the office bills.
By the look of Danny & his brother Davey's clothes in this picture...they need to use that GAP card.
MORE CREDIT CARDS! - I've got all of these credit cards-  They all go to me.  A million cards man.  I use the Discover card all the time.  Cash back 2%.

NO MONEY! - There is no money in my wallet.  I carry that in my front pocket.  I don't usually carry my wallet with me. I keep it in my truck.

(Note: Danny is the first driver, so far, that we have found with no money in his wallet.)

How Does Danny Carry His Wallet? - When I do have my wallet on me, I carry it in my back pocket.
(51's Matthew Dillner responds: You know that is not good for your back?)  I know, that's why I usually don't carry my wallet on me.


Car Wash Coupons -  You get ten of these and you get a free one.  I've only gotten one so far.  I got a new truck and I don't like taking it to the car wash because it might get swirls on it.

Linens and Things Merchandise Card - It was a christmas gift.  It hasn't been used.  I guess I have to go get curtains or something.
Linens and Things and a Build a Bear Card were some of the first items found.
Sammons is competing in the Hooters Pro Cup Series Northern Division.  The New Jersey driver wheels the AARN.com sponsor-wanted Ford Taurus. He was the Series Rookie of the Year in 2001.  Aside from racing, Danny works hard on his father's racing paper called Area Auto Racing News (the paper that got our 51's own Bob Dillner his start).
Nine credit cars makes Danny the Pro Cup Credit King!