Wallet?  No Pain In The Butt Wallet Here!
(Editor's Note:  Clay doesn't carry a wallet.  He carries an "old man" leather money clip.  "Carrying a wallet got to be a pain in the butt literally.  I can’t stand sitting on them.  And with all of the driving I do, it just finally got uncomfortable.  And with the collection of cards I've got, the money clip helps me keep trimmed down.  My dad gave me a money clip a few years ago and it is a hell of a lot easier on your rear end."

Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Card – "In case I do a swan dive off the top of the trailer if I'm stressed out over my car."

Lots of Lint - "Yeah... so."
Our next victim is ProCup Southern Series points leader and three-time 2004 race winner Clay Rogers.

Even at just 23 years of age, Rogers has been around for some time and has all kinds of experience in all kinds of race cars, from Super Late Models and ProCup to ARCA and the NASCAR Busch Series.

Last season, Clay finished 14th in the ProCup points.  He also won the first running of the Asphalt World Championships at Concord Motorsport Park (NC) in Super Late Models.
Various business cards - "I've got so many from so many people, we should just lump them together.  I don’t go through them too often.  I just dig through them every now and then."

Flight training course business card – "This guy knew my grandpa.  I just somehow got it.  I’d like to do flying lessons, but I can’t find any time to do it."

US Airways Dividend Miles Card – "We flew a good bit when I worked for the Reisers.  Now, we drive, drive, drive."
Sporadically throughout the year, we will take the time and ask Short Track drivers around the country “What's In Your Wallet?”  This is a no-hold-barred, “You have no time to clean it out” look as to what Short Track drivers keep in their wallets. 
Rogers has always been a character!
2004 USAR Drivers License – "It is just what they send you when you pay them $200.  It tells you the number that you never have to right down on the form that you sign in with.  Other than that, it is kind of useless."

2003 USAR Driver’s License – "I keep it because I’m too stupid to throw it away."

Fan's address for an autograph request - "I met the guy (Ernie Alder from Harrisonburg, VA) somewhere and he wanted me to send him a autograph so he gave me his address.  I never did it."

Blockbuster card – "The last movie I rented was… man its been a while… but it was the most recent Matrix movie.  I
Our Jeremy Troiano couldn't quite focus on Clay's two USAR Licenses, but he says they're not important anyway.
Quarter Master Quick Change Gear Chart – "I look at it about every race weekend.  You don’t always trust the set number on the box, so you gotta look at the card, count the teeth.. all that fun stuff."

JR’s Garage Card – "I call there all the time, so this is just in case I forget the number."

CPA Business Card – "Oh this is getting to be more and more Important... especially lately."

BP Fuel Card – "This is one of the few credit cards I use almost everyday.  I use it a lot more than I should."

North Carolina Drivers License. – "I like that picture better than my first one.  That is a duplicate license there because these new ones that North Carolina has come out with crack all of the time.  This new one is cracked already.  I am also a organ donor.  And I hate having my height on there.  I wasn’t blessed with being tall.
Credit Card – "It hasn't been used much here lately, I haven’t had time to go to the bank.  I never had a credit card until December of last year (03).  This is my first one.  I don’t like them.  I’d rather use cash.  I don’t like the feeling of knowing I owe someone something.  So I don’t have a lot spent on that one.  Just mainly lunches.  I don’t go out and buy much stuff.  It makes me feel ridiculous buying something that is $2 with a credit card.  I just like paying with cash.

$3 in cash - (Editor's Note: We thought you liked using cash?) "Yeah, you caught me at a bad time.  I just spent all of my money.  That is all I've got left.  It is a good thing I don't have to go and buy the track food here or I probably wouldn't have enough for that.  Really, I normally have more.  Really.  I'm not kidding!"

Clay chews on what kind of gear selection he is going to make next.

No wallet here... just a money clip.  "It is easier on your rear end" Rogers says.
This season, Rogers is tearing up the ProCup ranks.  He has been one of the favorites at each and every track so far this year and has come away with three victories and a commanding points lead.  In between, Rogers still does R&D testing for Roush Racing.

Clay Rogers shows us what's in his wallet... er... money clip.
am a big movie guy, but I don’t get a chance to go as much as I’d like to."

Victory Lane Membership card (go kart track in Charlotte) – "I make it down there once a month or two.  I was pretty fast on the old karts.  Since they've got the new karts there, I suck.  I had them killed on the old ones.  The new ones are a new animal."