Hooters, Hooters, Hooters... And A Little Money Too
Hooters of Downtown Nashville Receipt – “Couple beers, burgers and a bunch of stuff.  Gotta love the women.  There ain't no other reason to go there.”

Community Bank Check Card

Hogan Bros. Platinum Business Card - “Gotta love that.  We are platinum now.  Has about $2,000 worth of plane tickets to Houston, TX now thanks to All Pro, I mean the Southeast Series.”

BP Fuel Card

Delta Sky Miles and AirTran Frequent Flyer Cards - “I go where ever they tell me to go.  We are budget racers.”
The second victim is NASCAR Southeast Series driver Jason Hogan, who showed us everything in his wallet.  There was a lot in his very cool looking wallet, including several receipts from the same food chain store.  Interesting, don't you think? 

Hogan is having a career year in motorsports, with two wins and two second place finishes in the four races he's run this season.  The two wins both came with the Southeast Series (formerly All Pro Series) where Jason has competed full-time for the past several years.  He is the early season points leader over Erik Darnell and Jeff Fultz.
Impact Racing Business Card - “They are trying to get me to run their stuff.  I like SPARCO though.  They keep you looking nice.”

Cabin Prices - “For a party we had a couple of weeks ago up in Helen, GA.  Wait, that was from New Years. It was pretty wild.”
Sporadically throughout the year, we will take the time and ask Short Track drivers around the country “What's In Your Wallet?”  This is a no-hold-barred ,“You have no time to clean it out” look as to what Short Track drivers keep in their wallets. 
Hogan likes showing off his cool, free wallet.
Georgia State License

Enterprise Card - “Good story there.  I lost my keys in California.  I left the keys for my van, that was in Atlanta, on the keyring to my rental car in California.  When we got back, we didn't have any keys.  They mailed them back to me in about a month.”

Movie Gallery Card - “I usually go buy a bunch of DVDs because I am a DVD freak.  I watched Head of State (with Chris Rock) last.”
Someone doesn't look very happy.
Sam's Club - “I like the picture on this card.   You gotta be looking good when you go out.  You gotta buy bulk though.  All my fat-ass crew eats a lot.”

NASCAR Speedway Driver's Club - “That was Busch Series and Southeast Series at Nashville last year.  They got us complimentary races there.  That was cool.”

Buffalos Gift Cirtificate
Jeremy Troiano and Matthew Dillner,  51 Sports Business Cards - “I guess Bob just never hooked me up.  He does owe me a steak dinner though.”

Engles Video Card - “I don't go up there anymore because I have about $80 worth of late fees on there.”

Jason Hogan Business Card - “So I can get in touch with myself or if I forget what I am doing, I can call myself.”

Insurance Card

United Health Car Card
Hooters of Gwinnett County - “I go there about every day for lunch.”
Another driver with Jeremy's and Matt's business cards... but where is Bob's?
$300  - “I'm actually slacking this week.  When you have to feed all of these fat asses, you have to have some money.”

Another Hooters Receipt

Subway Club Card - “I like the Italian BMT.  Gotta watch my weight.”

Priority Club Card

Calling Cards

Picture Of My Nephew, Sisters and some of “my women” - “They are just my friends, those three girls in there.  I have to remember who is calling when my phone rings.”

JASON HOGAN's wallet
(very thick NO FEAR wallet, with eyes on the side of it, given to him by Rick Crawford):  “I'm always looking for free stuff.”

Craftsman Truck Series Liscense - “Good for the All Pro, wait, Southeast Series too.”

Texaco FoodMart Receipt - “$40.00 worth of fuel.”
This was only the first of several Hooters receipts that showed up.