York Wants To Know What Yelton’s Got
UARA Late Model Teams towed their rigs to the longest haul of the season, Lonesome Pine Speedway in the Mountains of Coeburn, VA on Saturday night.  It was a long ride back home for every team but one… Jamie Yelton’s #8 team.
Yelton dominated so much that if it weren’t for the “lucky dog” rule, (a rule similar to Nextel Cup where under caution the first driver a lap down receives a free pass to the lead lap) there would have only been about six cars on the lead lap.
“Right now everything is clicking.  We have a big crew, about 10 guys that volunteer every week.  These guys on this team really work their butts off and it makes me look good.  They are the reason we won tonight, not me.  They give me a good car and they know how competitive I am.  I ain’t a sore loser but I don’t like to lose.  You could put a smart Gorilla in that thing and it would have won the race tonight.”

Yelton is indeed human, but his car could have been easily described as some form of vicious animal on Saturday night. The Wynn’s #8 enjoyed about a half-track lead for most of the night.
At the end of the Advance Auto Parts 150, Jamie Yelton certainly wasn’t by his “lonesome.”  The North Carolina driver was surrounded by a jubilant Wynn’s crew after scoring his second UARA win in a row.  And a big win it was, as the “Forest City Bad Boys” left the Pine with the UARA points lead.   In the race, Yelton stood above the rest, as the lone man on the point all night long.

“It feels great just to win like this on this level,” said Yelton.  “I don’t think I expect to win every race but I come to win every race.  When I roll up through that gate if I don’t think I can win that race, I won’t show up.”

Yelton's #8 leads the field around turn four at Lonesome Pine.   (51 Photos)
All eyes were on post race inspection including second place finisher Jason York's. Official found nothing fishy with Yelton's 8 car.  (51 Photos)
The fans' only hope at a race for the lead came when a late race restart pitted second place driver Jason York on Yelton’s bumper, with no lapped cars between them.  When the rag dropped, it only took Yelton about a half of a lap to pad a ten car length advantage, leaving York to scratch his head.
“We went to Hickory to test the other week and learned a lot of stuff,” said Yelton.  “I talked to Danny O’Quinn, he’s a regular here and he told me a lot.  He gave us some things to try and we pretty much came up here with what he said and we unloaded and had a dominant car.”

Has Jamie Yelton found something?  And will anyone find out what it is before it’s too late?  Everyone in UARA land will be going home and doing there homework this week.

“That Yelton,” said York in the pits after the race, “I don’t know what they’ve got but he is awfully strong.  We have to work on our car harder but at the same time I’d like to know what he’s got.

“I think he’s probably straight up, but that team has definitely found something.  I’ve been like that before, that dominant.  I had a pretty good car tonight so I don’t see how he was leaving me that bad.”

Yelton said that they had nothing illegal up there sleeve but credited some help from a local boy who just happened to win the Lonesome Pine Hooters Pro Cup Northern Division race a few weeks ago.
Jason York wants to win and find out what Yelton's Team has found.  (51 Photos)