UARA LEFTOVERS: HICKORY   by Jeremy Troiano & Matt Dillner
Wallace & Allison Feuding?  Adams Rookie Point Leader & More

While Jamie Yelton ran away with Friday night's 150-lap UARA race at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC), a great battle was being waged for fourth through sixth place involving rookies Steve Wallace and Josh Adams, along with veteran Terry Allison Jr.
outside.  I don't know if he was coming up on a lapped car or what, but he checked up some and looked to get loose.  I don't feel like I got into him just on my own.  He was already loose when I did get into him.”

After the race ended, Wallace walked from his pit area and confronted Allison on the frontstretch, where Allison's car was parked.
“He came over here and asked me what happened and I told him my side.  He basically told me first time is alright, second time he can't let it go.”

“It's frustrating because we are falling, falling, falling back in points,” said a frustrated Wallace after the race.  “We are big time back in points now.  It is so frustrating because you work your ass off on these cars and something stupid like this happens.

“We were alright... probably a top five car.   The 15-car (Allison) had a run and we were duking it out.  I had him cleared and was on the low groove and he came along, drove completely on the apron and spun me out.  I used up both rear tires trying not to hit the wall.  After that, we were just trying to hold on to the positions. 

“I went over there and talked to him after the race and told him how I felt.  I just think it was a chicken sh** deal on his part to spin me out like that.”
Once Allison moved his way around Adams, he set his sights on Wallace, the son of Nextel Cup driver Rusty Wallace.  The two drivers battled cleanly, side-by-side for several laps until Adams finally slipped, got into Wallace and spun the rookie around.

Wallace lit up the tires to keep the car off the wall, but fell well back in the field and struggled home to a 13th-place finish.  Allison, who is in a tight point battle for the championship, ended the night in fourth.

“The high groove worked better here at Hickory tonight,” said Allison.  “I got underneath Steven a couple of times and he was doing a good job at holding me off on the
Steve Wallace (left) talks with Terry Allison Jr. (right) following the race at Hickory.  (51 Photos)
Wallace was fast at Hickory.

Josh Adams, who avoided the Wallace – Allison mess, came home fifth and used the other rookie's problems to take over the rookie points lead from Wallace and Alex Yontz.  Yontz had led the tight point battle coming into the night but finished 20th suffering from mechanical problems.
“Our car was good at the start of the runs and we could stay with the #8 (race winner Jamie Yelton), but the car got loose at the end of the runs and I just watched him drive away.  I felt like I had something for him, but he had a dominate car.

“We race here weekly and that helps a lot.  That gives us that advantage to those people who come here and race only a couple times per year.  This asphalt changes all day long.  You just slowly learn how much it is going to change and when it is going to change.”

“We had a good car,” said Adams.  “Hats off to all the guys on the crew.  The car is in one piece and that is lucky because it was some tight racing.  I had to save it two or three times when I tried to stick it on the outside, three-wide on a couple of cars.  I didn't have the lane so I backed off and let it go.  There was a lot of good competition out here tonight.

“We had a bad week last week and got it all together now.  We came back and finished fifth.  We are happy with this run.”


Brian Conner sits third in the weekly Late Model Stock Car point standings at Hickory.  He used his familiarity to the tight .386-mile track to his advantage on Friday night by qualifying second and finishing third in the UARA event.
Rookie Josh Adams runs the only Toyota in the UARA.
John Staton's day at Hickory pretty much sucked.  Staton's night at Hickory was awesome.

He had serious engine problems in practice and that resulted in the team having to change powerplants and miss qualifying.

Staton started deal last in the field and worked his way up through the 32-car starting field.  He avoided all of the big accidents and kept his car under him to finish eighth.

“Unfortunately, we had to deal with those engines problems
John Staton came from 32nd to eighth at Hickory, winning the Hard Charger award.
and had to come up from the rear,” said Staton.  “I'll tell you what, that was awesome.  Those guys were tough.  I would like to think I would have had something for them.  We'll have to see next time; we'll just have to wait and see.”

in the race and the car is 180 degree opposite.  So therefore, you end up loving it and hating it at the same time.

“The car was just riding, and then tightened up.  These late models are tricky.  You almost have to have the perfect setup under you to keep the car under you for 100 laps.”

ASA Rookie points leader Stephen Leicht took time out of his busy schedule to compete in the Joe Walker Memorial 150 on Friday at Hickory, but didn't come away with the finish he would have liked.  Leicht finished 10th.  Afterwards he asked one of his crew members, “How can you love something and hate it at the same time?”

“When you grow up around it and you are a little kid and your dad and grandpa grew up around it, and racing is all you ever do, you love it so much that you really can't hate it.  But there are times in racing you don't have too much fun.  You are out there and you are really struggling.  You are here to have a good time but you are here to be really competitive too.  You work all day, the car is great, you go
ASA rookie Stephen Leicht didn't have a great night at Hickory on Friday.
Lee Tissot, the defending UARA Champion, was pretty silent in Friday night's race.  He came home with a mediocre sixth place finish.

“We've had a first and second, then a sixth and seventh and a DNF this year,” said Tissot.  “Sixth and seventh wouldn't be bad for most people, but we are suppose to be up front.

“We were sliding around the whole race.  I thought we had a better handle on the car.  It just never did hook up real good.  There wasn't much I could do.  We just sat there and rode.  Fortunately, a lot of guys took themselves out and gave us a decent finish.
Lee Tissot ran a less than exciting race and finished sixth, not up to par for the defending UARA champion.
“We didn't have anything for Jamie, that is for sure.”