Veteran Wins Friday’s Race On Saturday Morning
Late Model Stock Car veteran driver Lee Tissot may have won the UARA race at Friendship Motor Speedway (Elkin, NC) this past weekend, but it was the fans that should get a big gold star.
Finally, pole sitter Nick Hutchins lead the UARA field to a green flag much to the delight of the fans, who were on their feet to cheer on the 29 late models for 150 laps of action.
There was plenty of action behind the leader in the race with spins and bumps and bangs, but there was only one moment of real competition up front. The moment came when Tissot, who started third, took the lead from Hutchins on lap 13 and never looked back.

To add to the strangeness of the night, about halfway through the race, a dense fog rolled in over the track, making even the scoring tower tough to see from the backstretch.  Thankfully, the Friendship track is built down, so the fog never played a part in the action.

“These fans are awesome,” said Tissot at 1:45 am in Victory Lane.  “They really deserve a pat on the back for sticking
It was a very long, very strange Friday night.  Technically, it was a very long, very strange Saturday morning.  And most of the fans stuck through it.

In a race that was suppose to start at 8 pm, the green finally waved at approximately 12:30 am thanks to a  persistent rain shower that just wouldn’t quit.  And when it finally did quit, the high humidity hanging over the track kept the track from drying very quickly.  In fact, it took nearly three and a half hours to get the track in a “raceable” condition with the UARA cars, local race cars, track crews and even race fans making laps to help dry the facility.  And still, most of the fans stuck through it.

When the track was deemed “raceable” the local 4-cylinders were the guinea pigs.  That race ran with just a few cautions, but only one could have been attributed to a still wet race track.   And most of the fans stuck through it.
Tissot celebrated his victory early Saturday morning.
The rains came for quite a long time, but the series never gave up hope of the race running.
with us here tonight.  It has really been a long night.  I never thought we were going to get to this race but the officials did a good job and sticking with it.  The track was a little damp at the start, but it came around quickly.

“We’ve had a pretty tough year so far so it is nice to get back to Victory Lane.  We’ve been a little down on our luck and this is a great way to turn it around.  We just had a great car and we were able to keep it out front.  What a night.”
No accidents were the caused by the weather conditions when the green waved on the still damp track.

So the race finally ended, albeit nearly six hours after it was suppose to start, but the fans walked away happy and smiling.  A big pat on the back for Tissot, but a big gold star for the real winner, the hardcore Short Track racing fans!

Or what a morning!

Jamie Yelton had the only real charge for Tissot, who had built up nearly a four second lead during a long stage of green-flag racing late in the event.  But after a few laps, last year’s UARA champion was able to pull away and cruise to the win.

“I don’t know what was going on behind us, but we just set sail on the front and just tried to keep it out front and get around the lapped traffic ok.  I think we did that pretty well.”

Rookie Josh Adams came home third and current UARA point leader Jason York finished fourth.
When racing finally went green, Tissot (#27) and Yelton (#8) were the top two cars.