Plans Could Be To Run As Many As Three Races
Dick Trickle is a short track god.  His legend extends past the walls of a racetrack and into our living rooms and dining rooms during family get-togethers.  If you are a short track racing fan, he is part of our families.  He is to short track racing what Elvis is to Rock & Roll.  If there is an icon for this style of racing, Dick Trickle is it.
And the great part about Dick is that he is still making stories; still making noise in the short track world at the age of 61.  His latest news came as a bit of a surprise to my ears while he was visiting an ASA race at Concord Motorsport Park (NC) recently.

"Hey, what are you going to do on Labor Day this year," I asked, knowing that Trickle had always been fond of the legendary State Fair race ASA has held in Minnesota for years, one that is now cancelled.  "Elko (Speedway) is just up the road if you have nothing else to do," I suggested, merely hoping he would consider it because I am a fan of his and a fan of ASA.

His response was pleasantly surprising.

"I am hoping to do that race and a couple others," quipped Trickle, winner of 32 ASA races, a 2-time champ and 9-time runner-up.
Trickle ran the Fair race for the past couple of years in Kevin Lang's car, but he has something else in mind this year.

"I just talked to Gunderman," said Trickle, referring to Gerry Gunderman, who has owned cars in ASA and other series for years for drivers such as Mark Martin, Mike Garvey, Scott Hansen and others.  "We're trying to put something together to run one to three ASA races."

That would be pretty cool, I thought to myself.  "What races," I asked.

"We would like to do Madison (Int'l Speedway, WI), Elko (MN), and maybe that one in Tennessee at the end of the year," explained Trickle.
Trickle held court at Concord's race.
Trickle (#99) & Senneker (#84) at Winchester, IN.
The one in Tennessee that Trickle is speaking of is the ASA finale (Oct 19th) at the ol' Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, which for years hosted the All American 400.  And while this is not the 400, ASA owner Steve Dale is trying to resurrect the feel of that race by instituting an ASA event there at the same time of the year.  It will be combined with a "Civil War of Asphalt Racing" between the Southern All Star Series and the Sunoco Super Series of the north the day before.
And while Trickle stressed it was not a done deal just yet, how cool would it be to see him at the ol' Nashville Fairgrounds doing battle once again?

In fact, it was awkward seeing him at Concord Motorsport Park's ASA race without a ride.  I mean, how much of an attraction would it be to promote that Dick Trickle would be running that race, or any race for that matter?  We need guys like Trickle, Mike Eddy and Mike Miller.  If Bob Senneker could get the OK from his better-half to race again, I betcha he would be behind the wheel right now.  But then again, I am digressing from my point; Trickle should be in a racecar.
"It's nice to see everyone here, but I'd rather be out there racing" said Trickle, pointing to the track where ASA practice was being held.  "I don't get a chance to go to too many ASA shows anymore so I wanted to come down and see what was going on.  I've spoken to Gary (St. Amant) and several other people and I know it's going to be a good race."

I asked Trickle if he would be staying to watch the race his response, "No, I don't think so.  It's on TV (SPEED Channel), so I'll go home and watch it.  It's easier that way."

In a way, I felt bad because, after all, if Dick Trickle, a short track racing god, is at the racetrack, he should be in a racecar.  That way, he could give us more stories to talk about over holiday dinners with our families.  Maybe he will this year.
Gary St. Amant (left) & Trickle talk at the Concord event a few weeks ago.