We Asked Them Who'd Win... They Told Us... Kinda
It's that time again.  The biggest “unofficial” holiday of the year.  Yep... Super Bowl Sunday.  And for the non-football fans out there, you know what that means?  That means racing season is just around the corner and they can finally come out of their shells after a winter's hibernation.

Mark Martin (Cup, Short Track Legend) - "To be honest, I don't really know anything about football. They tell me that it's between Carolina and New England. I guess I'll go with Carolina, since I lived there for a while and that is where the race teams are based out of."

Tim Sauter (ASA) - "Who is in it?  Carolina and New England right?  I don't know.  I suppose everyone wants Carolina to win it.  I actually haven't followed it too much this year.  I watched my first football game two weeks ago.  I've been real busy.  But I can tell you one thing... I'm almost positive New England or Carolina will win it.  In the end though, I really don't care."

John Blewett III (Featherlite Mods) - "My prediction is that I will be sleeping by halftime on the couch. Before I start sleeping though, I will be pulling for the Panthers because New England has already won it and the Panthers are the underdog. I like to pull for the underdog."
Mike Garvey (ASA) -  "I think Carolina will win.  They are kinda like the Patriots of a few years ago.  They are going to find a way to win. That is who I want to win anyway.  They are the feel good story of the year.  They have a great team. Oh yeah, they have a quarterback who wears #17, so that is kinda cool too!  Plus, no one really is giving them a snowball's chance in hell to win, so it would just be neat to see."

Tim Southers (USAR Pro Cup PR Director) - "Panthers by three.  I think it is going to be a close, low scoring game
Garvey's a little biased toward Carolina... thanks
to Jake Delhomme's #17 jeresy.  Wonder why?
with those great defenses that both the teams have.  I'll probably be sitting at the house with a cold Miller Lite in hand watching the game, but what I wouldn't give to be 21 again and be downtown  Charlotte for the celebration that is going to go on when the Panthers whip it up."

Fred Vordermeier (Featherlite Mods) - "I'll tell you it will be a good game but I have to say that I hope New England loses! That is where my old girlfriend is from so I hope they lose! I never pull for New England and never will. I live in New York and have my Giants and Jets that are pathetic!  I'm from the north but not from all the way up there... so go Carolina!
Jason Hogan (SES/SAS) - "I'm going to be pulling for Carolina all the way baby.  They are just awesome!  They've been riding a pretty good streak and have one more game under their belt.  They are a sentimental favorite to everyone I think.  It should be an awesome game!  I really wish I could go up to Charlotte and hang out with some friends and watch the game, but if they win, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be making it back home quickly on Monday and I've got classes I just can't miss.  Oh well, GO CAROLINA!!!"

Mike Miller (ASA Media Director) - "New England baby!  Oh yeah!  They are just too tough for that wimpy Carolina team.  The Patriots linebackers coach, Pepper Johnson, went to Ohio State as did one of their star linebackers, Mike Vrabel.  They are going to stick it to Carolina and run them off the field."
But to a lot of people, football and racing mix well.  Their biggest leagues share Sunday afternoons and its participants are regarded as some of the best and most well-trained athletes in all of sports.  Plus, they may be two of the most dangerous sports in the country.

But as the big game approaches (Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots this Sunday), we thought we'd get a feel of who the racers are looking to win, why and what some of them are going to be doing.  Just as an added bonus, we'll even let you know who we here at 51 think is going to win the big game, but we may be a little biased, being that our home base is only 20 minutes from Carolina's stadium (although the Dillner brothers grew up in the Northeast and have been pretty big Patriot fans... so they are in a pickle).
Bill Clevenger (DASH, ARCA) - "The Carolina Panthers are going to win the Superbowl for one reason... the hunger. They're the underdogs and have the city behind them and the momentum and they are going to kick ass. I like underdogs because I have always considered myself one. Carolina always seems to come through in those close games and pull it off at the end and I think Sunday will be no different.

RJ Scott (SSS Owner) - "I hope New England wins, because I am a Colts fan, and I want all the Colts fans to see how close we were to winning the Super Bowl.  Plus, Tom Brady is another one of those 'Big 10' grads that exemplifies hard work and patience."

Davin Scites (ASA) - "I don't know who is playing.  I know Carolina is, right?  I have some from friends down there, so I'll just root for them.  To tell you the truth, we've been so busy here (at SS Racing), I just haven't been watching football at all.  I watched a couple of Colts games because everyone around (Indianapolis) was dressed in blue.  But I'm going to have to go with Carolina.  But honestly, you are asking the wrong guy this question."
Casey Smith (ASA) - "I hope Carolina wins.  I don't want to see New England win because I already owe Bob (Dillner) a dinner for when the Patriots beat Tennessee, so I don't want to see them win again.  I know Bob likes both teams, so it will be interesting to see who he roots for.  But since the Patriots took out my favorite team (Tennessee), I'm going to have to hope Carolina whips up on them."

Ben Rowe (PASS) - "It better be New England. I've been watching them all year. I will be in Florida already to watch everything with Speedweeks so I will have to watch the Superbowl down there. We don't flip out over the Patriots up here but they are the hometown team and we always watch them and pull for them."

Gary St. Amant (???) - "I think it will be a great game.  New England is the favorite, but I think if Carolina gets the inside play going, they have a great chance to pull off the upset.  NFC defenses are always good.  I'd take Carolina and the points if I was a betting man.  But New England has the offense.  I say New England by a field goal.  New England 27-24."

Charlie Bradberry (SES Champ) - "Who's playing?  I don't know.  I have no clue.  You says it's Carolina and New England?  I guess I'll go with Carolina.  Whoever's closest to the South is who I'm pulling for.  It's all I can do just to keep up with my racing, let alone pay attention to something like the Super Bowl (haha)."

Kevin Cywinski (ASA Champ) - "I'm going to have to go with Carolina by seven.  I think they are pretty opportunistic.  I think their coach (John Fox) is going to have them more free and relaxed going into this game.  They will take advantage of that, and they'll take advantage of the underdog role."
be wearing blue so either way, I'll be good.  You know I'm from Georgia, but our team (Atlanta Falcons) is pretty bad so we haven't had much to root for here lately."

Shane Huffman (USAR Pro Cup Champ) - "Of course, being the fact that I live in North Carolina (Hickory), I would like to see the Panthers win.  I hate to underestimate them, but I really think New England is just a little better team right now.  I think no matter what, it will be a fun game.  Me and my buddy's are going to party somewhere and watch it, I can tell you that."

Tommy Cravehno (Featherlite Mods) - "I'm all New England. Gosh, all the way! Vordermeier is going for the Panthers? No way? Heck with him!  I am all New England!  Right now as you interview me, I am sitting drinking a fine glass of h-2-o with my Patriot hat on. I don't get stupid and paint my face but I will be wearing some Patriots stuff and staying local at a bar around here.

"The Panthers did pretty good against the Eagles. But that's like playing a game in the backyard against me and you (51's Matt Dillner). Philly ain't a real team and now Carlolina has to play one. I think it will be a close game. They are both good teams. What I like about both teams is that they both aren't all after the glory. They go out there and all do their jobs and play good hard (as Tommy pronounces it:"Hod") football.
Gary says you'd be CRAZY not to take Carolina and the points if you were a betting man.
Jason Hogan could pass for a pretty tough football player... but he's not!  Deep down inside, he's just a pretty boy.
Casey Smith never got a football for Christmas, he got go-karts... so you think he knows football?
Bob Dillner - "Unlike Robbie Pyle (and apparently several other Short Tracks drivers), I atleast know who is playing in the game.  But I'm between a rock and a hard place.  I have my "Triple P" attack with the Packers, Patriots and Panthers.  I've always been a Patriots fan, even had Steve Grogan pjs, but I've always wanted to root for the home team, so I'm going to have to go with the Carolina Panthers.  They are a team of destiny.  They've won a lot of squeekers this year.  I'm going to go with my heart and say Panthers by two."

Matt Dillner - "I am going for the Panthers to pull the upset! My brother Bob and I used to go to Foxboro (former home of the Patriots) for games, but living in North Carolina now...I've got Panther fever! The city of Charlotte turned into a big party when we beat up the Eagles and being a part of that was special. If Carolina can run Stephen Davis up the gut all night they have a shot. It will be a low scoring, ball control game that will be decided when a team makes a big mistake. Our Carolina has so much heart and that is why I think they will beat the Pats in a sqeaker."
Jeremy Troiano - "I'm going for Carolina all the way.  They are my hometown team now and I want to be a part of a Super Bowl champion.  The Colts never did it for me when I lived in Indy.  And its my birthday too, so they jsut have to win!  I really think they can do it too.  I think it is going to be a pretty good game, but I'm going with Carolina.  Hardly anyone in the media is giving them a chance, which makes me pull for them even more!  It will be like Ohio State's National Championship all over!

Two of Bob's favorite teams are playing for it all... so who does he root for?
Ted Christopher (Mods) - "I'm from up here so of course I have to go for the hometeam.  I think it's going to be a defensive game, a low scoring game, but I think the Pats will pull it out.  I'm going over to my brother's to watch the game and if the Patriots win it's going to be a helluva party."

Wayne Willard (SAS Champ) - "Even though I'm from the south, I'm going to pick New England.  I don't think Carolina has enough offense to combat New England's tough defense.  I mean, the Colts couldn't do much against the Patriots.  I think it's going to be a low-scoring game, but I think the Patriots will pull it out.  I'm going to
TC (Teddy Christopher #13) races like he is a football player... always intense.
Brian Hoppe (MWS) - "I'm gonna say New England is going to win.  It's going to be a tight game though.  I just think they have the experience and they are playing good ball right now.  Tom Brady just knows how to win.

"I'm going to watch the game, but if the Packers were playing I'd be rooting for them.  We're all still bitter up here that the Packers aren't in it.  Have you ever heard the line, 'Fourth and 26?'  Well, if it was Fourth and 26 and if we would have stopped them, we would have beat Philly and at least gone to the NFC Championship game against the Panthers.  Fourth and 26 and the Eagles competed the pass.  There's no more defensive coordinator here, they fired him.  It's just too bad because Farve played awesome at the end of the year.  I don't know if they would have beat Carolina, but I would have liked the opportunity."
Hoppe has his Super Bowl pick... but he's still a little bitter that his favorite team isn't in Houston this year.
Robbie Pyle (ASA) - "My prediction is 'who's playing?'   I actually have no clue.  I'm heading down to North Carolina for a couple days, but will be back before the Super Bowl, so I guess I hope they win.  I just wish I could be down there and be in a Hooters Restaurant or something when they won and maybe a wet t-shirt contest would break out!"

Todd Szegedy (Mod Champ) - "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah for people from Boston it's a big weekend, but I'm not much of a football guy.  One of the guys who helps me out on our team is a big Patriots fan, so I'll be rooting for them.  I like the Super Bowl parties more than anything because there's always plenty of food.  I'll probably watch it, but the 24-hours of Daytona is on SPEED Channel too, so I'll probably be watching that too.
Reed Sorenson (ASA) - "Carolina because they are the underdog.  I don't want it to be a Patriots decade or dynasty.  Nobody expected Carolina to get to where they are at right now.  Plus I'll be living in North Carolina pretty soon, so I guess I should pull for them anyway.  My Atlanta Falcons weren't too good this year, but we'll be better next year and hopefully Michael Vick can bring them to the Super Bowl."