Two-Time ASA Champion Doesn’t Have Anything Planned... Yet
When you’re a two-time American Speed Association National Champion, a 21-time ASA race winner, ASA’s all-time money leader and also a two-time Snowball Derby champion… you gotta think, what is there left to do?
“I really don’t have anything going right now.  There are some fires brewing, but that doesn’t equal to much until you have a solid seat.  I’ve had plenty of offers; everything from rides in the Nextel Cup Series to Busch to ASA to Pro Cup.  But there hasn’t been anything that panned out as of yet; either that or the deals just fell apart.”

St. Amant thought he had a pretty big deal in the works which would have actually seen him start his own ASA team with a young, hotshot rookie driver.   But unfortunately, the deal fell apart this past week and left St. Amant looking once again.
St. Amant says he is very close to a couple of different deals and says that further announcements could be coming soon, maybe within a couple of weeks.   However, until the deals are done and set, St. Amant is keeping his options open.”

“I’m not done with racing by far and I just want to make sure people know that.  There are a couple of deals that I am pretty close to and we’ll let everyone know them as soon as anything comes down.  Who knows what may happen between here and there.  It should be interesting.”

And we are interested.  As is much of the Short Track racing community.  And as soon as we know St. Amant’s plans… we’ll let you know, right here on 51.

Could the Pro Cup Series be St. Amant's next stomping ground?  (Horne Photo)
“This would have been a big deal.  We were going to get the kind of money to do the program right and do it like it needs to be done.  But unfortunately, the deal just kind of fell apart.  They wanted to go in a different direction.”

St. Amant says that owning a car for a young driver would be a great deal that he would like to see himself get into in the future.

“I think there is a lot I can offer a team in that role, from setups and chassis info to just general opportunities.  It is something that would be fun to do and I think I could really enjoy in the future, or whenever it happens.  But I also know I can still drive a car and I’m ready to keep proving that.”

As you can guess, St. Amant’s phone has been anything but quiet.  One year off of just missing his third ASA championship (when he lost the title by one-point to Joey Clanton in 2002), St. Amant has been entertaining a number of deals.  Some of them come from ASA, but several have also come from the USAR Pro Cup Series.
Well, according to Gary St. Amant… there is plenty left to do.

“I feel that I am in the prime of my career,” said St. Amant.  “When you look back at the guys I looked up to when I was just a fan and when I started driving, guys like Bob Senneker, Mike Eddy and Butch Miller, they were always their best when they were in their late 30s and early 40s.  That is where I am now and I know I still got it.  I’ve never felt better about my abilities than I have in the last couple of years.”

However, all those stats and feelings of ability don’t mean a thing when you don’t have a seat to race in week after week.  That is the boat the former champion and arguably one of the most talented Short Track drivers in the country finds himself in now.
Gary St. Amant says you'll see him around for years becasue he can still wheel a car.  We beleive him!
“I just don’t want to limit myself.  I am pretty wide open to any option someone would bring to me.  Unfortunately, I’m not getting any younger, and in racing today, that counts for a lot.  But I know I can still drive a race car.  But my heart isn’t really set in one place.””
What young driver wouldn't want to drive for a guy like this?  (51 Photos)