Fitch Wins Race, Christopher Wins Championships
At the end of the night, Christopher won the championship, but all eyes were on surprise-winner Mike Fitch

"I am the underdog," a very emotional Fitch told our Matt Dillner.  "I am really low on self confidence right now.  The engine didn't perform well all week long and we just didn't run well.   I didn't think I could run with these guys. 

"Once we got he car handling, I could keep the motor wound up.  That was the key tonight, I had the whole track to work with.  Usually when I pinch the car off, the motor bogs down."

Fitch jumped out front early in the race, but near half-way, looked up into his mirror and saw an intimidating sight, Teddy Christopher.
With only 14 cars in the field, all eyes were on Teddy Christopher and Tim Arre in the battle for the 2003 World Series of Asphalt Tour Type Modified Championship.
"I never thought I could do it with him in the rear view mirror.  I really didn't. Teddy will intimidate you, that's for sure.  That is what they call 'getting experience.'"

That experience saw the two battle side-by-side for several laps before Fitch pulled back away form Christopher and he decided to settle back in second-place for the remainder of the 25-laps.

"Teddy got up there next to me and I thought for sure I would lose my momentum, but it didn't.  I guess his tires ended up going away.  I gave him the outside to take if he wanted it.  We bumped one time. 

"That was a fun battle.  That is a battle I will remember forever.  That was one of my best professional runs ever."

Mike Fitch (left) was the surprise winner on Saturday night.
Christopher settled for second and allowed him to wrap up the championship.  But Christopher shunned Fitch's underdog status.

"They got a good motor and put four tires on that car every week.  He ain't no damn underdog.  I ran him down, I just couldn't get on the throttle when I wanted to, the car was just too loose.

"(Mike) is a good guy. If there is anyone you would like to see win, he is the guy.  That whole team is just full of good guys."
After a sour-sounding engine on Friday night, Christopher had to change engines prior to Saturday's finale.  With the help of fellow racer George Boch, who donated his engine for Christopher to use, Teddy promptly pulled off the night's quick time and easily locked up the championship when Arre  couldn't climb within a half-lap closer of either of the leaders.
"I have to thank everyone on the George Boch crew for letting us to their engine," said Christopher.  "Second is cool. It would have been nice to win, but we wanted to win the championship.  We won the most features and the championship.  That was our goal.  For the adversity we had in the middle of the week, that is pretty good."


After 26 cars ran in Friday night's Richie Evans Memorial 100, only 14 made the start on Saturday.  The biggest name missing from the field was Eddie Flemke, who blew his engine while leading on Friday night.  It was the second engine Flemke hurt during the week.
Defending Speedweeks Champ Robbie Summers finished in third, matching his best run of the all Speedweeks.  Summers ended up fourth in the points.

J.R. Bertuccio didn't have the strongest of nights on Saturday, finishing sixth, but that was enough to move him past the absent Flemke to secure third in the point standings.

Jerry Symons won the Florida / IMCA style Modified Championship for the second-straight year in dominating fashion.  Symons won six of the eight Modified races run during the week.
Christopher wrapped up the championship.
Car owner Joe Brady helps change Christopher's engine.