Christopher Thrills Crowd After Coming From Back Of Pack
It took only one lap for Teddy C to find his way into first place with Flemke a close second.  The two NASCAR Featherlite Modified regulars battled closely for a handful of laps before Flemke made a bold, door-slamming move entering turn three.

"I had a good run on him going into three and I was there," said Flemke.  "We were side by side.  I don't know if his spotter didn't tell him I was there or what.  I know I was there though. Teddy is a good guy, but he races tough."
What a difference a night makes!

In what was almost a total reversal of last night's hour and a half 25-lap Tour Type Modified race, New Smyrna's Wednesday night crowd was treated to an amazing 50-lap thriller that saw tour regulars Teddy Christopher and Eddie Flemke wage an epic battle after an epic run from Christopher.
Shortly there after, the race saw the first of only two cautions.  On that restart, Christopher jumped the gun on Flemke resulting in a false start.  As the field slowed down in turn one, Christopher and Flemke made contact and Christopher spun up the hill.

"I had it clear," said Christopher.  "Then my spotter said inside, but by the time I could do anything about it, I turned and he was there.  He just shot it in.  That was more of my fault than Eddie's fault."

It wasn't the first time Flemke saw someone jump the start.

"The restart was crazy.  I like the way they run their races here, but the officials need to stick to the rules they have sometimes," said Flemke.  "The leader is supposed to start the race.  Teddy and a bunch of guys just really jumped the start.  They need to do something about it, because it has happened a lot during this week.

"I don't know what happened going into one.  Again, I was there and I don't know if his spotter thought different or what.  He came down on me and spun out.  I hate to see it for him, because he is a good guy, but I wasn't going to give up my position."

Sparks were flying when Eddie Flemke (#79) made this bold move on Teddy Christopher (#00).
The resulting spin sent Christopher into the pits for fresh tires and to the back of the pack.

What happened next was simply amazing.  Epic in stature.

Christopher quickly made his way from the back of the field, passing over 20 cars in just a handful of laps to catch Flemke's bumper.  Even more impressive, Christopher made most of the passes on the outside.

"That was just like the type of racing I like; to start at the back and pass a bunch of cars like I am racing at Stafford.  It worked out well for us. We pitted and tightened the car up.  I was surprised how good the outside was here.  The best part is everyone ran me clean.  Guys knew I was coming and gave me plenty of room.  I have to thank J.R. (Bertuccio).  He ran me clean.  So did little Eddie.  Sometimes the fastest car does win."

With only three laps remaining, Christopher made the winning pass on Flemke and pulled away for his third win in four races at Speedweeks.
"That was the most fantastic run I have ever seen from any racecar driver in my life and I have seen a lot of them," said Christopher's car owner, Joe Brady.  "This kid is Winston Cup material.  That was a fantastic run.  I am just shaking all over thinking of how good it was."

Flemke was just pleased to finish after the last few nights he has had.

"We had a good car.  It was nice to finish where we should have for once," added Flemke.  "The car just started getting tight as the race went on.  The last restart killed us.  That allowed Teddy the time to cool his tires and track us down and get by us.  I raced him
Joe Brady (left) was amazed to see what his driver did on Wednesday night.
as hard as I could, but as clean as he would race me.  I raced him just how Teddy would race me.  I do think if that caution wouldn't have came out, we would have been able to hold him off.

"This is a good way to come back.  This is the way we should have been running the entire time, but we had a couple of accidents and a motor let go.  This helps build the confidence that is for sure.  It was just like the tour days.  This is a lot of fun."


Despite the high attrition of Tuesday night's race, on that saw only seven cars finish, 25 cars started Wednesday's 50-lap feature.  There was only two cautions in the race, which took just under 30 minutes to run.

Tom Baldwin, father of Winston Cup crew chief Tommy Baldwin, was in the field again on Wednesday night, but his car still didn't seem quite up to speed compared to the others.  Baldwin finished just outside the top-10.

Eric Beers had his best run of Speedweeks, finishing sixth.  He lost fifth spot to Tuesday night's winner, Tim Arre, on the last lap.