Only Real Threat Came From Mechalides Before Accident
Powell led for 28 laps to record his second win in a row, again beating out Wayne Anderson and Florida-native BJ McLeod in the 30-lap feature.

But Powell's only real competition came from Monday night's fastest car, Louie Mechalides.  Unfortunately for Mechalides, he never had the shot to run for the top spot, as he was taken out in an accident with third-place Donald Chisholm.

"I was just trying to run with the #37 down into the corner on the restart and he (the #89 of Chisholm) just ran right into the back of us and turned me around," said a disgusted Mechalides, whose car was torn up enough but still ran.  "I guess he is just inexperienced or stupid or something."

After starting with two-straight DNFs at Florida Speedweeks, James Powell III has found the best way to cancel them outwith two straight wins.
Powell only once really lost the lead to Mechalides, when a lapped car got in the way and allowed Mechalides to get around him on the outside.  Fortunately for Powell, the caution came out and the field was reset to the last completed lap.

"The lapped cars here are a shame," said Powell.  "They tell them to get out of the way in the driver's meeting, but they always seem to get in the way.  They shouldn't affect the outcome of races like they have been here.  I almost lost the lead to Louie thanks a lapped car, but the caution came out."
James Powell III
After the spin between Mechalides and Chisholm, point leader Anderson moved into second with McLeod third, but neither could mount a challenge on Powell.

"We are on a roll now.  The car is working really well; we just had to get our bad luck out of the way.  I would like to say we could keep winning these races here, but you never know what is going to happen from night to night.  It is a tough crowd here.
Anderson admitted he had nothing for Powell and was fortunate to fall into second place.

"I need to stop working on the car," joked Anderson.  "Everyday we try something new and the car just doesn't go as fast as it did the night before.

"I was waiting for those two guys (Mechalides and Chisholm) to get together.  I saw the #89 really working on the #47.  I knew something was going to happen and it finally did.  We just snuck through there and got it done tonight."

For McLeod, it was a welcome relief to the way he had been running during Speedweeks.

"We were just junk when we unloaded off the trailer," said McLeod.  "This is a pick up for the way we've been running.  We've been getting better, but I don't think I had anything for those guys tonight.  I don't believe in luck in racing, I just think the good Lord was looking out for us.  We are here in the top-five and hoping to be up front before we get out of here."

Louie Mechalides was the only car that looked as if it could challenge Powell.
Junior Hanley's nightmare Speedweeks continued on Tuesday night.  Hanley started in the back of the field and never really moved through with any gusto.  On the final lap, a multi-car tangle involved Hanley, who once again finished outside the top-10.

"I have nothing to say," said a pissed Hanley after the race.

"Wow, Junior is just having a really bad week.  This is really crazy to see.  You keep thinking he will bounce back and he just has something else happen," added Anderson.

Junior Hanley's horrible Speedweeks continued.

Dick Anderson hopes to race in the Super Late Model division on Wednesday night and again on Saturday for the 100-lap showdown.  Anderson plans to drive a Joe Miller-owned Country Joe Racing car.
The big multi-car accident on the last lap of the 30-lap feature involved several big names and several guys that were running in the top-10 at the time.  Scott Hantz turned around after he entered the corner too fast and collected the cars of Jack Landis, Junior Hanley, Louie Mechalides, David Browing and Steve Weaver.  Hantz was running fifth at the time of the wreck.

Neither Freddie Querry nor Donald Long was on the track Tuesday night.  Both drivers were involved in a hard accident the night before.
Southeast Series (formerly All Pro) driver Randy Gentry had an up and down night.  After starting third, the car was appearing to go away on Gentry fast, slipping back outside the top-15.  Fortunately for Gentry, the last lap accident allowed him to move back into the top-10 at the checkers.
Jason Boyd finished third in the night's Florida/ IMCA modified competition and won the 50-lap Limited Late Model race after the lights went out.

Modifieds were off and Sprint Cars were running on Monday night, but point leader Teddy Christopher was still in the house.  "I tried to get a ride in a Sprint Car," he told our Bob Dillner, "but nobody would give me one."  Too bad, Teddy would have given it a helluva ride.
Joey Clanton (right) talks with former crew chief Bob Suss, who is now working with Joey Miller for Country Joe Racing.
This big wreck took out several good cars.
Joey Miller took his first win of Speedweeks in Tuesday night's feature and he did it in dramatic style.  Miller got caught up behind a lapped car coming off the final corner and allowed second place Jason Boyd to get a run on the outside, resulting in a photo finish.  Boyd came around the track thinking he had won and was more than pissed when they gave the win to Miller.

"I don't have anything to say about it.  They saw what they saw.  All I want to say is that I thank my sponsors," said Boyd, who pulled around and celebrated the win before finding out he actually finished second.
It was a big night for the Joey Miller team.
"I guess I like to make in interesting," said Miller, whose car showed the red paint of the lapped car he literally pushed across the finish line.

During the post race celebration, crew chief and spotter Bond Suss offered Miller this advise, "when I saw go high, I really mean go high."