1. Flagman Danny Spence set to start practice
2. Steve Wallace (#5) during morning practice
3. Kevin Cywinski leads them in morning practice.
4. Eddie Mercer's #72 on under the flagstand
5. Jack Landis in his racecar
6. Kevin Rehwinkel (#42) crashes on the frontstretch
7. Scott Carlson sits in his #38
8. Vintage Modifieds in action during practice
9. Big-10 regular Eddie Messengill towed from North Carolina
10. 15-year-old Landon Cassill climbs in his #7
11. Craig Jernigan (#28) and Larry Speakman (#8) crash on the frontstretch
12. Jeremy Pate and his crew chow down on some Domino's Pizza
13. An onlooker checks out corner speeds with a radar gun during Snowball qualifying
14. Cale Gale (#33) had troubles during qualifying and didn't make a lap
15.  A bundled up fan enjoys the Vintage Mod race at night at Five Flags Speedway.

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