1. Steve Wallace in his kart
2.  The field takes of in the drivers' race
3. Charlie Bradberrry ready for action
4. Charlie Bradberry spins and fails to make the show
5. Jason Boyd's go-kart game face
6. Speed51.com's Jeremy Troiano mocks Boyd as he looking on
7. JR Norris (inside lane) getting serious
8. Steve Wallace (red cap) and Jeremy Pate laugh and race.
9. JR Norris won the Driver race.
10. Jason Hogan makes fun of Norris during his post race interview
11. Speed51.com's Matthew Dillner ready to roll
12. Speed51.com's Mike Twist celebrates winning a remote control Hummer  in the "silent auction"
13. Jay Middleton (inside) lines up with Jason Hogan
14. Fast Eddies Track Announcer
15. 51's Twist, Troiano and Dillner pose with race winner Richie Wauters (Photo by Jason Hogan)

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