Bozell Tries, But Falls Just Short
Holding off a charge by former race winner, Andy Bozell, Michigan's John Delarye picked up a cool $20,000 for a short night's work at the New Paris (IN) Speedways' annual Summer Sizzle.

Hot in pursuit by a pack of hungry racers throughout the 100 laps, caused plenty of Sizzle as Delarye moved through the field and held tenaciously to the top spot through the late challenges from Bozell and Bobby Blount.

55 Super Late Models filled the New Paris pits for this Thursday event, with Rick Sexton leading the way in qualifying, sizzling the track with a 13.57 second lap. However, the inversion of the first 14 cars, in the field of 21, became Rick's undoing on the tight quartermile facility.

Competition was heavy throughout the field for the entire event. Although he was able to start near the front, eventual winner, Delarye required 51 laps to make it to the leader position.
John seemeed to be able to hold off those following while the fast qualifiers like Bozell and Jeff Vochaska were still trying to work their way free of mid-pack traffic.

As the race started its last 25 laps, competition for the $20,000 first place began to REALLY sizzle. Andy Bozell, looking to defend last year's victory in this race had moved his way into striking position, while local ace, Bobby Blount was mounting his own charge from just inside the top 10, to a great 3rd place finish. Running in the high grove, Bozell got to the rear quarter of Delarye's mount, but John was not to be denied. Holding the low side of the track, Delarye hit the stripe for the final time, just a couple of lengths ahead of his competition.

John Delarye won the Summer Sizzle at New Paris Thursday.  (Bob Milner Photos)
Delarye holds off Andy Bozell (#8) at the end.