Agnew, Rumley Wreck With Two To Go
With just five laps to go, Jay Fogleman conceded that he was going to finish third at New River Valley Speedway on Saturday night in the USAR Pro Cup "Kroger 250." 
New River Valley Speedway, VA

1) Jay Fogleman
2) Eric Corbett
3) Danny Sammons
4) Johnny Rumley
5) Jeff Agnew


2003 USAR PROCUP NORTH POINTS (after 7 races)

1) Jeff Agnew        1110
2) Eric Corbett       1095
3) Jay Fogleman   1065
4) Brian Ross         1057
5) Hal Godson       1012
He had already bumped second-place Jeff Agnew once and that caused Agnew to miss a key opportunity to pass race leader Johnny Rumley.  Fogleman knew it was now all about sitting back and waiting for everything to shake out and the checkers to fall.

Well, things shook out alright, and when the checkers fell, it was Fogleman who crossed the line first, followed by Eric Corbett and Danny Sammons.

So what happened to Agnew and Rumley?  Well, with two to go, all hell broke loose.  Rumley, who had led from lap 186 when he passed Hal Goodson for the top spot, was holding off a fast-closing Agnew.  Agnew had several shots to get by Rumley but couldn't make any of them stick.

As the two drivers completed lap 248, Agnew took one last shot at Rumley when he dove down into turn one.  Problem is that Rumley didn't want to give it up.  The two made contact and Agnew briefly climbed up
Jay Fogleman celebrated win number two in 2003.
on the hood of Rumley's car.  The two slid up the track while locked together, but miraculously stayed out of the fence and kept their cars pointed in the right direction.  Both headed back to the white flag; Rumley would finish fourth with Agnew following him in fifth.

Fogleman took advantage of the wreck and sneaked by to cruise to the win, his second of the 2003 Northern Division season.
"I guess Johnny just wanted it a little more," said a disgusted Agnew after the finish.  "Everyone that was watching the race needs to answer (what happened there?).  I think it was pretty self explanatory. 

"I like Johnny, so I am not going to say anything bad about him.  It has been a long time since he has won a race.  I guess he was just trying to protect his position, but most of the time when you are up side-by-side like that, that just shouldn't happen."
Rumley, who has won a couple of career NASCAR Busch Series races, hasn't competed competitively in a couple of years.  He came back to the Pro Cup Series (where he last raced in 2000) in a big way by qualifying fourth and leading more laps (65) than anyone else all evening long.

"He'll be ok.  He'll get over it," said Rumsley about Agnew.  "I talked to him right after the race.  I have more respect for him than anyone else in racing.  If I can't talk to him face-to-face, then there is no reason to be in racing.  I think he understands; it has been more than three years since I won a race; I wasn't going to finish second.
"People thought I couldn't' drive anymore.  I guess I still can; maybe Jeff doesn't think so, though."

And while the lap 248 accident might have overshadowed the rest of the race, you can't take anything away from Fogleman, who led a total of 51 laps during the night and who put himself into a position for the win late in the race.

"I rooted on Jeff one time and it cost him on getting close on Johnny," said Fogleman.  "After I knew I wasn't going to win the race, I just sat back there just enough that if something happened I could give myself enough room to get around it. 
Johnny Rumley's (#8) late spin was a good thing for Danny Sammons (#97) who finished third as a result.
"Then, those two guys proved it.  I mean, it is funny, because they have raced together forever.  Anything can happen in short track racing.  New River (Valley Speedway) has this mystery about it that can make anything happen. I am just glad that I wasn't involved with it; I was the recipient of it of a gift.

"To start the day, my car was terrible.  One of the worst cars I have ever had at the racetrack.  We had to drive it a certain way on the racetrack."
Fogleman claimed his car wouldn't turn throughout the race.  Well, that tightness caused Fogleman to have a little excitement of his own.  With just 25 laps to go, Fogleman got into the third-place running car of Hal Goodson.  The end result was Goodson spinning and hitting the turn-four wall.

"I don't know if Hal's spotter didn't tell him I was there or not.  We were so close to each other, almost side- by-side, that I
guess we slammed so hard and Hal spun out.  I don't' know what else could have happened.  I was turning off into the corner.  I can't really tell you exactly what happened."

Goodson, of course, saw the incident differently.  "He can run 220 laps and not hit the bump down in three, but on lap 221 he decided he wanted to hit the bump.  That is a chicken-shit move on one of these little short tracks.  That is ok.  I'll get him back."

Fogleman might have won the race, but question is, did he win the war?