#14 Looks Like Something That The Cat Brought It After PASS 150
Tracy Gordon stood outside his battered racecar after the conclusion of the PASS Pro Stock (Super Late Model) race Friday night at the Lee USA Speedway (NH). One fender was missing, the hood was half-covered with duct tape and the front bumper cover was hanging onto the ground.  His crew would have to wait a little bit longer to load the car onto the trailer, though.  It wasn't because of the damage, but because there were victory lane photos that needed to be taken.
Gordon managed to win the 150-lap feature despite missing half of the front end on his #14 car.  He and Ben Rowe were both involved in an early accident when they could not avoid the stopped car of Travis Benjamin while exiting turn two.

"We almost gave up a couple times tonight," Gordon said.  "Then I'd pass a couple of cars and that would give me new hope.  Then I was passing cars on the outside and startedthinking, 'This thing ain't right, but maybe it will get
There was no question where car 54 was for the majority of the race.  There were two machines with that magic number up front.  The 54g of local hotshoe GeGe Gravel was usually the one in the lead with the #54 of PASS regular Johnny Clark glued to his rear bumper.  On the laps that the #54g wasn't in front, the #54 was.

"It's kind of weird,"  Gravel said.  "I'd look over and there's the 54. 
I thought, 'Maybe I'm supposed to be driving that. He passed me and the wrong one's leading now!"

"We were having fun going back and forth," said Clark. "We were having a real fun time racing together."

But then came Gordon.

"I don't know what happened," said Clark.  "It just got so loose in the center. I wasn't really good on a long run to begin with, but it was real good on cold tires for 10-20 laps.  GeGe got better on longer runs, so I knew that I needed to get as far away from him as I could.  I got the lead late in the race and was going, going, going.  Then Tracy had
to come and ruin it all for us.  I looked and he was fifth, then
I looked and he was third and then I said, "Oh No!'
Gravel led the most laps of the race, but faded to third by the finish.

"We were really good in the beginning for the first 120 laps and then we kept getting looser and looser"  said Gravel. "There wasn't much that we could do. We were lucky to hang on to third.  I would have traded all of the laps we led to lead the last one, but we're still happy with how we ran."

Clark enjoyed his battle with the similarly number car as well.
There wasn't much left of Tracy Gordon's #14 by the time it got to victory lane. (PASS Photo)
Gordon (#14) sets up the pass for the win over Clark (#54). (Ken Spring Photo)
Gordon knew that he had a good enough car to contend late in the race, but didn't think that he would have enough laps to do anything with Clark.

"Towards the end, I looked up and saw the #54 car (Johnny Clark ) way ahead down the straightway and though that I'd never catch him," said Gordon.  "Then I saw him get sideways and got back on the wheel and went for it."

Gary Smith finished fourth and Ben Rowe survived getting caught up in several incidents to finish fifth.

The PASS series next visits Canaan Speedway (NH) on Sunday, May 30th.

me there'.  Something was screwed up in the front end.  I had to reposition my steering wheel two clicks on a pit stop just to get it straight."

Gordon was leading before getting in trouble, but his lap 21 problems created opportunities for other drivers to make their way to the front.
GeGe Gravel Added a "G" to his number and outran most PASS regulars with his #54.
(PASS Photo)