Leaders Exchange Words at NHIS
The Mods are awesome on the Magic Mile!  After watching many Featherlite Modified shows at New Hampshire International Speedway, that's a given.  But throw in a two-lap "Dash for the Cash" to conclude a 100-lap event and it'll make your heart stop.
That was the scenario on Friday at Loudon.  Ricky Fuller had just slammed the first turn wall to bring out a red flag situation.  The hit was hard and the former series champ was injured, but fortunately he was released from a Concord (NH) hospital on Sunday after suffering from a concussion.

The green-white-checker race to the finish was notorious "Magic Mile Modified Madness."  The top drivers traded more blows than Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield in their heyday.
6-time series champ Mike Stefanik slipped on the restart and after a bumping battle for the lead, current point leader John Blewett took the top spot.  Stefanik also lost second place too and coming off of turn four for the white flag, second place point-man, Todd Szegedy, dove below Blewett to the severe bottom of the racetrack.  Szegedy made a bonsai move into turn one, in fact, he didn't lift until he was in the turn.  His #50 ran up the track and he brought Blewett with him. 
Then, out of nowhere, came muscle-man Chuck Hossfeld.  He saw the Red Sea part in front of him from the fourth position and he went for it.  He dove under Szegedy; the two drag-raced down the backstretch and dueled in the final corner, but Hossfeld held on for his second series win in a row at New Hampshire.

"I couldn't even tell you what happened on the last lap," Hossfeld told us afterwards.  "All I know is that these guys goofed up (pointing to both Blewett and Szegedy), I was underneath them and then I won the race.  I don't care how many laps I lead, as long as it is the right one and we did."
"It was hairy, but I expected it to be," Szegedy said.  "I was going to go for it.  In the last laps, you go for the win; you do what you can.  I just drove it into one a little too hard and we touched and Chuck capitalized on it."

"I don't know what the hell Todd was thinking," Blewett said as he shook his head.  "I know he wants to win the race here at New Hampshire, but you can't win it like that.  He almost took us both to the cleaners.  I know it's racing, but it's getting a little carried away here."
"I wouldn't expect him to be too happy about it," replied Szegedy, who won the previous Mod Series race (Beech Ridge, ME).  "If he did that to me I would have been mad too, but when you think about it, we try to win; that's what we're here for and I went for it.  We're not here to make friends.  There's a lot on the line and if you have a shot at it, you have to go for it."
Ironically, the battle between Blewett and Szegedy was the race for the point lead as well and that's what made Szegedy's move that much more unusual.

"You gotta think about the points, but winning will bring the points," explained Szegedy, who trails Blewett now by five-points.  "You can hold back or you can go for it.  I went for it, that's my style."

And Chuck Hossfeld's style is now winning races at the "big track," New Hampshire Int'l.  Like we said, he's now won two-in-a-row and that's gotta have a bunch of guys pretty envious.

"This is a big race for the Modifieds; this is our Daytona.  There's a vibe around here that is great and they had a big purse too.  It feels great to win, but it'll probably hit me more when I get home and say, 'Geez, I won the thing and two in a row too!"
Ted Christopher bump drafts with John Blewett.
Chuck Hossfeld had nobody to draft with most of the race... in the end he didn't need anybody.
Christopher gets passed by Todd Szegedy (#50) at NHIS.