Oh So Close To The Double Sweep
Scott Hantz’s tale of two nights fell on celebration in the Twin 100s as he dominated the Toledo 100 for the Main Event Racing Series outlaw super late models at Toledo Speedway (OH) on Sunday night.
Outside of local hot shot Dave Kuhlman, Hantz had no one to worry about after setting fast time, starting eighth (due to the invert) and taking the lead on lap 21 of the 100 lap event.  In fact, all of his closest competitors were dropping by the wayside like flies.  The race was so attrition-filled, only eight of the 24 cars finished the race.

“This feels better,” Hantz said of his Main Event Series win following his near victory in the Sunoco Super Series race earlier in the evening.  “It would have been nice to win them both and I thought we had a shot at it earlier today and even during the Sunoco race, but things just didn’t work out.  I’ll take one win though.  It is better than nothing.”

Kuhlman, a multiple-time feature winner at Toledo (16) and Flat Rock Speedway (36), only slightly pressured Hantz during the late stages of the race.  Kuhlman never got closer than Hantz’s back bumper and fell off even further as the race progressed.

“He was closing in on me there around lap 70 or so” said Hantz.  “But it seemed as it got darker, my car got better and I could pull
One celebration Sunday night for Scott Hantz was better than none.  (51 Photos)
away from him even more.  I think he had a little trouble with lapped traffic too, which gave me a nice little cushion.  I knew it was going to be hard to pass, so I just stuck to my line.  He was going to have to stuff it into me to get by me.

“I went from a loose car in the first race to tight in the second race.  I guess tight was better because we pulled into Victory Lane.  It cooled off and we just hung in there.”

Kuhlman was more than excited about his runner up finish to a class act like Hantz.

“That was flat out 100 laps of very hard, toug- nosed racing,” said Kuhlman.  “That was a lot of fun chasing Scott down.  I wasn’t giving him an inch and I know he wasn’t giving me an inch. 

“At one point of the race, somewhere between lap 70 and 80, I caught up to him and I thought ‘ok, I’ve got a shot here.  We’ve got a long green run and he is coming back to me now.’ But we started having troubles with some of the lapped cars.  That slowed me up and we just kept getting tighter and tighter after that.  That is racing. 

“I’m happy with a second tonight.  That is the best I’ve done here at Toledo in a while.  Most of the time, I’m loading it up on the trailer all bent up.”

Several other of the top competitors coming into the night, including Tim Ice, Junior Hanley, Brian and Brad Keselowski and Rich Rohrer all fell out of the event.  A total of 16 cars failed to finish the race.
But this race, one who did finish (and this time up front with water pump intact) was Scott Hantz.

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Scott Hantz's #72 and Dave Kuhlman's #24 checked out on everyone in the Main Event race at Toledo on Sunday.