Nobody Comes Close to Short Track Legend in Big 10
Query dissected the 17-car field like a fine surgeon by capturing the pole and leading every single lap.  In 12 Big 10 Series races at Concord since last year (not counting the open-comp show in November in which Query finished second to Clay Rogers), Query has won eleven of twelve races.  This one was win number-77 at the tricky tri-oval track.

“This never gets old.  When I’m right here, this is what it is all about,” said Query in victory lane.  “I’m sure it gets frustrating for the other guys.  I can’t cut any of them any slack because we have a lot of good racers here and they are working hard on their cars to get better.  This is a tough racetrack, we can’t cut ‘em a break.”
Freddie Query sympathizes with his competition in the Big 10 Series.  You see, since the Super Late Model division returned to Concord Motorsports Park last year, Query has been breaking everybody’s back.  And we’re not talking a mild strain or pull here; he’s been literally snapping everyone’s vertebrae in half.  But the stoic southeast short track superstar has a heart after all.  He proved it by showing up to race number-two of this year’s Big 10 Series with a Charlotte-area based chiropractic clinic on the side of his racecar to help amend his competitors’ ailments.  Well, after Saturday’s night’s 100-lap race everyone is going to need to ask the doc for another adjustment.
Jimmy Simpson and Eddie Massengill both stalked Query during different parts of the race; Massengill early and Simpson in the latter part, but neither could pull alongside.

“We just dug all night long, but Query was right there,” said Simpson with a shrug of his shoulders.  “I tried to race him as hard as I could, but I just couldn’t get to him like I needed to.  He didn’t get away from us tonight so that’s saying something. 

“Everybody wants to beat Freddie; that’s what it is all about down here.  We are all playing second fiddle to him right now.  I’ve just said all along that we have to come down here and run our own race, but beating him is always on your mind."
Third place finisher Massengill agreed, “It’s a hard pill to swallow; you just get used to it though.  He’s (Query) a good racecar driver, that’s all.  We do our best to try and beat him and we’re going to get him one of these days.  It’s frustrating though.”

Massengill had a shot at Query early and even poked his nose under the number-8, but Query quickly closed the door.  Massengill could have given him a bump and run, but chose not to.

“I try to drive him clean,” said last year’s Big 10 Series champ.  “I mean, had it come down to push and shove I
would have done what I had to do.  I knew we were going to have to pit when I was right behind him early on and I didn’t want to risk tearin’ up the racecar.”

Massengill stalled the car on pit lane and that cost him another shot at Concord’s “King Query,” but Simpson had his eyes firmly focused on the champ’s back bumper in the closing stages of the race.  He too drove Freddie without laying a bumper on him, but how much longer he will do that is the question.

“You are going to have to lay a bumper on him, there ain’t no way around it,” said the second place finisher, Simpson.  “He knows what he is doing; this ain’t his first rodeo.  Your going to have to get up there and rough it up a little bit with him, we just didn’t get up there enough tonight.  But, if we just get a little bit better, we’ll be ready to challenge him.”
Eddie Massengill has been living in the shadow of Query for some time.  (51 Photos)
“I don’t mind if they do that; as long as they race clean they can rub and bump all they want,” Query said.  “It’s hard to get around here and not rub if you are running alongside each other.  I’ve done it and I know they’ll do it to me.”

Simpson and Massengill are not alone in the frustration department, but everyone knows the only answer it to dig in and fight harder.

“I just gotta work on my car to get better in order to get Freddie,” admitted fifth place finisher Dean Clattenburg.  “You
get tired of it, but then again, it is Freddie Query.  You gotta have a rabbit to chase and he’s the best there is in short track racing right now, or at least here in the south. 

“We probably would (bump him) if it came down to the wire.  I mean, Freddie has earned a lot of respect through the years and we are all learning from him.  You gotta race that guy the way you want him to race you if you are able to get by him.  We’ll just keep chasin' him until we can catch him.”

You also gotta remember that Freddie Query has at least twice as many laps at Concord as anybody else in the field.  He was running Super Late Models at Concord when guys like Clattenburg were still in grade school.  And right now everyone is getting schooled in the Big 10 Series.  The only guy to have beaten Query since the Big 10 returned to Concord is Jeff Meendering and he’s not even racing anymore. 

The Chiropractor will be busy this week, but just how good will he fix these guys up?  After all, the doc is Query’s sponsor.

Freddie Query and his dad pose in Big 10 victory lane at Cocnord..  (51 Photos)