Query Captures Big 10 Series Championship
Musgrave Jr. totally dominated the Big10 Series field on Saturday night at Concord Motorsport Park (NC).  It was Musgrave's first career Big10 Series win.  Making it even more special was the fact that his father, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series star Ted Musgrave, made it back from his race in Martinsville (VA) earlier in the day to watch his son dominate the Big10 finale.

Starting on the outside of pole sitter Chris Dunn, Musgrave wasted no time making his way to the front of the field as his car took off like a rocket ship.  Musgrave, Jr. passed Dunn like he was standing still for the lead on the opening lap and never looked back.  Musgrave led all 104laps.

“My hat’s off to my guys,” said Musgrave.  “Our car has been a rocket for the last three weeks. We qualified third and finished third two weeks ago.  We tweaked the shocks a little bit, came back last week and broke a suspension part on the left front and the car ran negative camber half the race, the car was just out of control but we still finished sixth.
What a run for Ted Musgrave Jr.
“We didn’t have time to test last night and came here today and ran a couple laps during practice. The car felt really good and I told the guys I think we should be alright, but I didn’t expect the car to be that good.”
Although Musgrave was the dominant car, he still had one concern towards the end of the race; the track position of newly crowned Big10 Champion Freddie Query.

“To be honest, I was concerned about Query a little bit near the end of the race.  He is a guy who is always in contention especially at the end of a race. He has been racing as long as my dad has been racing Late Models and he knows every trick in the book.  During the last restart, I flipped the mirror in my car straight down so I would not look back and decided 'I am going to put the hammer down, if I wreck I wreck' but I made sure I was not going to look back. The green flag flew I put the hammer down and we won.”

Eddie Massengill showed his consistency during the event.
Starting in third, Massengill was one of the top-three drivers all race long.  Massengill made his move for second with about four-laps to, go passing the No. 8 of Query and holding him off for runner-up honors. 

“All in all we had a good run,” said Massengill.  “I tried to remain consistent all race long.  Most of all I am proud of my team.  We have gotten closer and closer each week to Victory Lane. This was only the third time we have run this car at the race track.  First time we ran it we had a wiring problem and didn’t finish the race but my guys fixed it and now I have two second place finishes with it.”
Musgrave actually pointed the mirror in his car down so he could not see who was behind him and he could focus on the win.
Champion Query was looking to end his season with win as he started in fifth.  Query patiently made his move to third by lap 50 and was up to second around Dunn by lap 76.  Query received some fender damage during the pass with Dunn, but nothing serious to slow the veteran. On the final four laps, a hard charging Massengil caught Query for second place.

“What can I say, the incident with the #1 car was just a racing deal and we just got into each other,” said Query.  “I tried a lot of different things tonight and I paid for it. On the stop watch when I was by my self I was faster than the #72
car (Musgrave). I have won races were some one behind me was faster than I was but I find it’s always more important to be in front no matter what. I am disappointed for not winning the race but all in all we really ran well all season and I am happy to have captured the championship with one race to go.”

Ted Musgrave Jr talked with Concord's track announcer following his first Big10 Series win.  (51 Photos)
Query's #8 suffered some big damage.