All-Time Concord Wins Leader Does It Again, Leading All 100 Laps
Bobby Gill stopped him once.  An accident that nearly sent him out of the race track stopped him once.  A run in with Jimmy Simpson stopped him once.  That is all though.

Query didn't let a season-high 21 cars stop him, washed out qualifying stop him or a dense fog stop him on Saturday night.  Query started from the pole and led all 100 laps en route to his sixth Big 10 Super Late Model Series win in nine races this season and a virtual lock of the Big 10 championship with just one race remaining.  It also extended Query's record to 82 career feature victories at the funky half-mile tri-oval.
There have been very few things that have stopped Freddie Query this season in the Big 10 Series at Concord Motorsport Park (NC).
After qualifying was rained out by persistent rain showers, track officials elected to line the Big 10 cars up by points, putting Query on the pole.  It was all that the veteran needed as he jumped out to the lead and never looked back.  He held off a few charges by Jimmy Simpson and Eddie Massengill on restarts and avoided the few caution flags to dominate once again.
In fact, it looked like the only thing that had a shot at stopping Query was the heavy and dense fog that engulfed the track on the extremely humid night.

“It was a little foggy but you could see pretty good,” said Query with a sly little smile in Victory Lane, obviously joking around.  “It wasn't a major fact, but it was a factor.  You had to be a little careful.  Going down into turn one was interesting a couple of times.  It is tough when you are driving down into that corner so fast. 

“Lets just say that I'm glad that I didn't have to race anyone real hard to race any lapped cars very long.”

Before the race started, the fans sitting in the stands couldn't even see the backstretch.  As the cars came out on their pace laps, the fog somewhat lifted with the wind from the circulating cars raising the clouds.  However, as the race rolled on, the fog rolled back in and, at
several points, the cars were racing into turn one and through the super-fast dogleg on the backstretch behind a sheet of fog to those sitting in the stands. 

A couple of times caution even came out and the track announcers had to wait and deduct who wasn't on the track still running just to figure out who was sitting stalled or against the wall.
Even before the race started, it was nearly impossible to see the backstretch at Concord.
However, near the end, the clouds lifted again and everyone saw Query running away with the race.

“We just keep tweaking on (the car),” said Query.  “We have been trying different stuff all year long.  It was a good car tonight.  It has always been a good car.  We are working on a specific concept and it is coming around.  I'm really excited because I think we can just keep getting it better and better.”

Outside of the fog, some of the biggest excitement during the night came when Massengill passed Simpson for second.  It was the only pass amongst the top-three all night long.  Chris Dunn, who started fourth, finished there.
While the fog did make for some interesting moments during the night, Querry left with a reassurance that he had that kept him comfortable as the night's race unfolded.

“My wife is up there spotting and she has a pretty good feel for everything.  Thankfully.”

A regular thing.. Freddy Query in Victory Lane at Concord Motorsport Park.  (51 Photos)
The drivers drove down into turn one amidst some heavy fog on Saturday night, making for some interesting moments.