Jani-King Goes With Garvey... Scites Get a New Car... Miller, Plemmons Crash Twice
The car was towed in on the wrecker.  Almost immediately, the entire Hock Motorsports team went to work on the machine.  Even while working on the car, the team's top spot stood all the way up until Mike Garvey knocked them down.

Allen and the crew weren't able to get he car repaired enough to even take the green and make one lap and had to pull out of the event, where they would have started fourth and been a legitimate contender for the win.


For every good story, there is an equally bad one.  While Peter Cozzolino's day was an amazing story in and of itself, Glenn Allen Jr.'s was about the exact opposite.

Allen was one of the fastest cars in practice and drew and early qualifying slot.  "Little Glenn" proceeded to go out and turn the fastest time of the session on his first lap.  But on his second lap, the car came around and backed into the outside wall hard.
"I am so disappointed," said Allen.  "I just feel so bad for these guys on this team.  They worked their butts off to give me a great car and they did.  I just lost it trying to go a little faster on my second lap.  I'm so dejected right now."

Glenn Allen Jr.'s day ended on the hook after qualifying in the top-four.
Although no one had any official word on the matter, rumor is that Jani-King will be off the #86 Grand American Race Cars Chevrolet of Frankie Grill following the Madison event on July 18.

Jani-King made the switch to the WJ Plemmons team and drivers Mike Garvey and Bill Plemmons just prior to the Club 200 at Indianapolis Raceway Park last Saturday.

There was also no official word of what will become of the #86 team and driver Ricky Turner if and when Jani-King leaves the team.

Kevin Cywinski was one of the fastest cars almost all night long.  He led nine laps between caution flags and pit stops and looked poised to be a contender near the end.

But as the end drew even nearer, Cywinski was no where to be found up front. He finished the night in sixth place.

"We had a fast little race car," said Cywinski.  "We pitted for tires and had a little screw up on the front.  That got us behind and we weren't able to overcome the deficit.  I am not sure what happened up there.

"Then there was an accident down here in (turn) four that never happened.  Rick (Beebe) had to check up and that put us behind too.  We could never get caught up from that.  That is ok.  If we have problems and still finish sixth, I'll take it any day."


It was a busy day for several drivers at IRP.  During the two practice sessions, five competitors spun and tagged the wall with varying degrees of damage.

Peter Cozzolino started the action off just 15 minutes into the first practice session.  Davin Scites followed that up with a spin and contact with the outside wall in turn four.

Bill Plemmons, making one of his rare ASA starts, slapped the turn two wall, followed shortly by Jeremy Miller hitting the wall almost in the same location.

Country Joe Racing driver Joey Miller finished the practice off with a hard lick against the turn three wall.

"Maybe by hitting the wall during practice, I won't during the race," said Miller.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, as both Miller and
Plemmons were also involved in accidents during the evening's event, putting them out of the race.


Reed Sorenson was able to extend his point lead over Travis Kittleson with a fifth-place finish in Indianapolis.  A tight race car prevented the rookie from contending for his first career ASA win.

"Our car was really tight," said Sorenson.  "When you are running around other cars, you have to run in the middle of the track to keep them from getting their nose under you.  My car was set to run way up near the wall.  But when other cars were around me, I had to run in the middle of the track to keep them from getting under me.  That made it to where I couldn't pick up the gas real well.

"We got another top-five and we have a good, clean race car with little damage.  Gotta be satisfied with that."

David Scites has also run the full range of emotions this year.  He went from winning his first career ASA race at Concord earlier in the year to completely junking his only race car in one of the season's hardest crashes just a few weeks later at Toledo Speedway.

Well, all of his hard work and dedication was rewarded last week, when he received a special gift from some of his crew members and community supporters.
Bill Plemmons was invovled in this accident, but it wasn't his only of the day.
Jani-King is now on the #17 of Mike Garvey.

Boris Jurkovic might have been trying to take the Peter Cozzolino way of winning... get to the track late, miss part of the day's events and still run good.  Boris and his #66 team didn't even show up until just moments before the second practice session.

"It's been a rough week," said the rookie, who finished fourth in the race.  "We had to get he car fixed.  This is a different car than I used last week.  Then, we were on our way down and the truck broke down.  
The crew was only about 30 minutes away from the shop when the king pin on the truck broke.

"We had to wait for someone to come out and make repairs.  At least it happened close to home.  A fourth-place run is sure a nice to finish this week out."


To say it has been a tough year for Kris Stump and Yoder Racing would be an understatement.  They have crashed out of races early, as well as missed a couple of shows.  But on Saturday night, the team turned it it's best run of the year, a ninth.

"It's great," said a excited Stump after the race.  "We have a nice three week break to celebrate this run.  This is like a victory for this team with all the struggles we had this year.  I think we have finally found something that I am comfortable with and that the car really likes."

Todd Kluever hasn't had much luck this year either.  Especially in the last few laps of the races.  It was no different at IRP, as a top-10 car quickly found itself into the wall and sliding back to an eventual 17th place finish.

"The 20 car (Scott Lagasse Jr.) got into the back of me and put me into the fence," said a surprisingly calm Kluever.  "It tore all the right front suspension out of it.  We'll put it all back together and come back again next week.

"We have had fast car every week.  The last three weeks we have had legitimate top-five cars. I would just like to be able to finish where we should."

Greg Stewart's season just hasn't went all that well.  If it weren't for Gary St. Amant's tumultuous season, then Stewart may be in line for yet another Hard Luck Driver Award.

His luck didn't turn around at all in Indianapolis, as he had a engine let go while racing hard for the eight position just 50 plus laps into the race.

"I don't' know what to do," said a dejected Stewart.  "(Crew chief) Gene (Roberts) said we are all going to be in the front row at church come Sunday.  I believe he meant it too.  Gene said someone aint' living right. 

"Something came up and knocked the oil pump off, which slung the belt and it just went from there.  I know I had a top-five car.  At least we had a top-10 car.  We were staying comfortably on the lead lap when the engine went."
Jurkovic was so late to the track, he didn't even have time to get the numbers on the side of the car.

Zach Niessner wasn't too happy after qualifying in the 25th spot.  But he knew the car would come around in the race.  And come around it did.

Niessner moved up through the field, getting into the top-10 just over halfway into the race.  A green-flag pit stop put the team a little behind, but the crew knew things would cycle out and the team would be in the top-five near the end of the race.  Unfortunately, the end of the race never came for the #04 team.

"There was a wreck down in turn one," said Niessner.  "I got
Davin Scites' season has been up and down, but he got quite a lift last week.
"Several of the guys on the team gathered donations from all sorts of local businesses and people in the community, along with money they kicked in themselves, to get me a new Howe chassis," said Scites.

The team had planned a cookout.  But it was really a get together to give Scites' his gift.

"I noticed there were a lot of cars there for one of out little cookouts, so I thought something was us.  I was sitting down when a truck pulled in pulling a trailer with a chassis on it.  I was then told that the community and my friends and family paid for it complexly.  That was an amazing feeling."

Scites said the team has the car already rolling and hopes to maybe have it ready for the next event.
Todd Kluever (left) talks with Rick Beebe at IRP.
slowed down but the 8 car didn't and put me into the outside wall.  The car came in like we thought it would.  We started 28th, but got up to eighth.  I think I passed more cars tonight than I have in my entire life.

"Then we had a tire come apart on us, so we had to come in the pits under green.  We lost two laps, but we made a lap up on the leaders under green.  We were in the same pit sequence as (eventual race winner) Peter (Cozzolino) was.  We would have been up there in the top-five at the end I think.


Rookie contender Travis Kittleson was fast yet again in Indianapolis.  But a very tight race car, and a simple mistke with just a handful of laps left, dropped him from the top-10 to 14th, one lap down.

"I just lost it, plain and simple," said Kittleson.


Our best wishes go out to Tim Wimmer, older brother of Scott and Chris Wimmer, who was seriously injured when he fell from a scaffolding last week in Wisconsin.

Chris ran decals supporting his brother, who is scheduled to be in the hospital for up to two weeks recovering from a severely broken arm, leg and various other injuries.