Veteran Crew Chief Will Oversee Both The #52, #06 Teams
Sometimes things need to change to keep everything moving forward.  Such is the case for Indianapolis (IN)-based SS Racing.
ASA veteran crew chief Deon Deneau,  who has spent the last couple of years at three-time ASA National Champion Butch Miller's crew chief, will now oversee both the #52 Timber Wolf and #06 teams on a weekly basis.  He will also serve as crew chief for the #06 and rookie driver Kyle Krisiloff during the race weekends.

“I've worked hard the past three seasons at getting the #52 team to where it is and I will still be heavily involved with Butch and that entire crew,” said Deneau on Wednesday from the SS Racing shops.  “My job is now getting both the #52 and #06 cars prepared and ready to go for the weekend's races.  It will be a lot more work now worrying about two cars, but that is the new role I am in.  I'll make sure both of these cars have everything they need, get set up properly and get sent down the road properly during the week.
“Before anyone thinks that I've split from the #52 team and Butch, they need to know I am still heavily involved with the preparation and setup of that car as well.  And in fact, during the weekend, I will be working with that team just as much as the #06 team.   I will be like a consultant to them.”

Deneau will spend the races now on the pitbox for Krisiloff as his crew chief and will work closely helping the rookie adapt to the heavier stock cars. 

Davin Scites, who had been serving as Krisiloff's crew chief will now move over to the #04 car and Scottish-driver John Dalziel.  The #04 team is scheduled to run five of the remaining seven ASA races.
Deneau will help adapt Kyle Krisiloff (#06) to the ASA-style car.
“I've always said that Davin is a racer at heart and it is tough to be put into (the crew chief) situation right away when you've always been a driver,” added Deneau.  “Davin is talented no doubt and will be a good crew chief but it takes time, especially when you've been a racers.  So I think this change will work for the better.”

Deneau started the switch over as crew chief of the #52 to the #06 this past weekend at Madison International Speedway.

“I may be on the box with Kyle, but I will still consult with
Deon Deneau has a new role at SS Racing, but will stlil be invovled with Butch and the #52 team during the week and at the track.
the #52 team and me and Butch still have a good relationship.  It is just the right step for this team right now.  It is the way we need to go to make all of the teams as successful as the #52 has been the past several years.”