Garvey vs. Kluever, Krisiloff vs. Kluever, Collins, Mickel, Reffner & More

Despite the Lowe's Motor Speedway race getting shortened to just 66 laps (rather than the originally scheduled 99 laps), there was still plenty of time for a lot of action.  Some of the most exciting action came around lap 45.

Mike Garvey, who had one of the most dominant cars of the night, briefly slipped and allowed a number of cars to draft by, or “freight train” him, heading down the backstretch.   As he got to turn three, he went in side-by-side with Todd Kluever, who was at the end of the drafting line.
It appeared that Kluever hit the bumps in turn three and washed up the track.  The #17 (Garvey) and #55 (Kluever) made contact, resulting in the #17 spinning and slamming into the outside wall.  Kluever and his #55 were able to drive away.

“I got into (Mike) Garvey,” said Kluever after the race.  “The car got in and got loose.  I don't know.  He came over and was talking smack.  It wasn't payback by any means.  I know that people say a lot of stuff in the heat of the moment.  It wasn't intentional.  It was tight racing.  I would have liked to have had more room, but what can you do?  He's a hard nosed racer, just like me.  “I got off the gas
Mike Garvey slammed into the outside wall after a tap from Todd Kluever (#55) in what Kluever called a "racing incident."   (Bob Milner Photos)
(Sorenson) and Butch (Miller).  You get around that fool though and it's a wreck.  We had a great car.  All we needed to do was finish the race and we might have taken over the points lead and we can't finish the race.”

Garvey finished 27th.


As if the run around with Mike Garvey wasn't enough, Todd Kluever's night got even worse after that.

Kluever, who was running in the top-five coming to the white flag, got together with SS Racing rookie driver Kyle Krisiloff heading into turn three while coming to the checkers.

Krisiloff was on the inside of Kluever and appeared to have gotten loose.  However, Krisiloff, knowing he was racing back to the line, stayed on the gas and got into the side of Kluever's #55.  Krisiloff stayed on the gas and drove Kluever up into the wall before escaping unscathed.  Kluever's damaged car rode the outside wall before coming back across the track in the tri-oval area, where it was clipped by the car of Brett Sontag, who slammed into the outside wall near the start finish line nearly head-on.  The mass chaos that followed saw cars dodging and weaving everywhere just to make it to the checkered flag amid all of the smoke.
“Todd got really out of shape in one and two and bottomed out a bunch of times and I got a good run off of two,” said Krisiloff, explaining what happened at the end.  “When we exited two, I was up to his door and halfway down the straightaway I was completely inside and he just kept moving lanes down.  I had four wheels absolutely next to him.  He kept moving me low and I pushed up in the corner but is was my line.  I was completely next to him and he kept moving me down.  He had plenty of room to arc his car in but he kept pushing me down, so look what happened. 

“It is unfortunate, I didn’t want that at all.  What are you going to do?  It was a racing incident and I didn't mean for it to happen.  Todd is a great guy and I am sure he is
pretty angry about the situation, but it was an completely an accident, didn’t mean to do that, but that’s what happens on the last lap, when you are going for it.”

The Kluever and Krisiloff teams exchanged some words on pit road following the accident, but that was quickly broken up.

“I don’t know exactly what was said, but its unfortunate that any type of racing has to come to that,” added Krisiloff.  “For anybody to think that anything out there is intentional; I don’t know where that comes from.  If (Todd) wants to come over and talk to me that’s fine.”

Kluever, standing by his battered car which had to be towed to the garage area after the race, was pretty disappointed by the situation.
Kyle Krisiloff (#06) and Todd Kluever (#55) got together coming to the line Thursday.  (Milner Photo)
“What do you expect?  There are a bunch of guys that haven't run at Talladega before and they are now running at Talladega,” said Kluever, making an analogy between the ASA race at Lowe's running much like a Cup race at Talladega.  “I understand that this is a big race, this is a big market and everyone wants to run good.  It is fun racing, but it is so hard because you are trying to make your move and get a run on people and no one will go with you.  It's all about everyone trying to get in a train and hang someone out.  It's different.  It's unlike probably anything that most of us have ever done.

“The 06 (Krisiloff) got in there and ran me up the track enough that I had to try and save it.  I would have been
The tire marks on Kluever's car show where he and krisiloff got together.  (51)
alright had he just hit me and got off.  But he just drove me all way up into the wall.  I don't know.  I don't know what to say.  I was just along for the ride after that.  I'm sorry anyone else had to get involved.”

Sontag, who still crossed the line in ninth just in front of Kluever, had his own view of the accident.

“The 06 (Krisiloff) acted like Kluever was never there and drove him into the wall,” said Sontag of what he saw.  “I thought Kluever was going to stay high and me and the #4 car (Stephen Leicht) were racing side-by-side to the line.  Down Kluever came and got me in the right rear and turned me straight into the wall.  It was a hard hit.  I haven't had a hit like that in a long time 

“I think it got the motor, but the chassis was junk anyway.  I was a little intimidated by this place.  It is a little too fast for these cars.  But it is good to run that good.  At least we still came home ninth or something.  We are still leading in the rookie deal.”

Krisiloff was able to drive to a fourth-place finish, while Kluever's battered car crossed the line in 10th.


Practice for the Aaron's 99 was just about as eventful at the race itself.  Several drivers ran into problems and into the wall during the Wednesday afternoon and evening practice sessions. 
cause I knew it was going to be a bad deal.  I just got loose and we were so close, that that little bit got me into him and it was on from there.”

Garvey was much more heated about the incident following the race.
“Everything was fine and they got drafted around me,” said Garvey.  “Everything was still good.  Then, we get taken out.  That is what happens when you are driving with a no-driving little mother...  When you get around someone who has that little talent, that is what happens.  Everytime you are around (Todd) Kluever, he is a fool.  He is a fool.  Then they are fighting with someone else at the end because he gets wrecked.  Come down here and we'll whip all their asses.

“The race was good up until then.  It is just my fault for not getting away from them and getting back in line. Some people you can race with like Bryan (Reffner), Reed
The damage on Garvey's car was extreme.  (51 Photo)
Toby Porter was the first to get the wall on Wednesday.

“Something happened to the rear end during practice,” said Porter.  “We spun, hit the wall and tore the backend off the car.  So we've been playing catch up the last day and a half.”

Porter's luck didn't change during the race.  He made only 14 laps before dropping out.  He finished last, in 37th spot.

“I think we probably burnt a coil wire.  The car was pretty good the first couple laps.  Halfway down the back
straight, it started popping and it never cleared out.  I just pulled it in.  It isn't worth hurting something else.”

Toby Porter spun and eventually backed his car into the outside wall in practice.  (51 Photo)
Casey Smith also wrecked in practice, but it came with just a couple minutes to go in Happy Hour on Wednesday night.   The team worked hard at repairing the car all night long and eventually did.  Smith made it back with a fixed car and finished seventh.

“We were out there running doing a mock run.  I don't know if there was some oil on the track or what, but the car just snapped loose and it turned around and hit the wall.  It hadn't done that all day which makes me think that there was something on the track that it hit.”

Jayme Bolkovac, Mark Mitchell, Troy Wangerin, Ken Butler III, Dominic Vara and Jeff Bedell all also wrecked during practice.
Mark Mitchell (#34) was another practice crash victim.  (51 Photo)
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