ASA LEFTOVERS: KENTUCKY Presented by CITGO / MDA  by B. Dillner &  J. Troiano
Sorenson, Butch, Porter, Sauter, Allen, Stump and More

Toby Porter would like to see four races a year at Kentucky Speedway.   That is how much fun he had during ASA’s first trip to the Bluegrass big track.
“I loved it,” said Porter after finishing 10th.  “I had a ball out there.  We were in the top-10 all day; three wide sometimes.  I think it was a good race.  I'd like to run here four times a year.  That is how fun it was.”

A gear decision, however, cost the former Truck Series driver.

“We took gear out of it.  The car was great in traffic, but was getting on the chip in practice, so I made the decision to take some gear out of it and it just killed me.  I was just glad to finish though.  We had a top five car the last two races,
but just had some bad luck.  Glad to come out of here with a car in one piece.”


To put a positive spin on things, Tim Sauter has continued to improve each week since returning to the series full time. 
“The opener, we were 26th.  At Lanier we were 16th.  Here, we don't' know where we finished (official results show Tim 11th), but I knew we were in the top-15, maybe 12th,” said Sauter with a sly grin on his face. 

“We are just slowly learning as we go.  We'll be ok.   We've been way behind is what it amounts to.  We were loose all night long.  We were on edge.  We just gotta keep working on it.”

Sauter enjoyed the racing, but still had his doubts about the ASA Series on the big tracks.

“There is nothing wrong with this racing.  I just don't feel like these cars are safe enough to be here.  I feel like we are taking a little bit of a risk here.  I think it will be better in the future, they just need to keep working on the cars.”

Greg Stewart wasn't praising the ASA speedway experience on Friday night, but that could be because he didn't have a very good race car.
Sauter's Lester Buildings team is improving every single week.  (51 Photo)
“We sucked,” exclaimed Stewart, who finished 26th.  “We were down a cylinder the whole race.  We had some sort of electrical problem, so we stunk up the show. 

“It was a hard fought battle to keep from getting run over by the faster cars.  You go in the turn hard and they come on the outside of you and you have to pull it down and they take the air of you.  I was looking in the mirror a lot to stay out of the way. 

“It was boring to me,” said Stewart of his superspeedway experience.  “I can't wait to go back to (Lake) Erie (Speedway, the next race on the ASA schedule, a .375-
Tech was not an issue for Stewart, but it was for several other drivers.  (51 Photo)
mile short track).  Even if I would have been competitive, I don't know if it would have been fun to me.  I'd rather be beating and banging and running around the bullrings.  I'd take Kenly, Erie, Lakeland, Salem, Winchester or I-70 over this.”


SS Racing's Scottish-born driver John Dalziel had never been on a speedway in a stock car before the ASA practice session at Kentucky last month.  That gave him some experience, but running in a practice session and running in a race are two different things.

Dalziel proved he was very good at the racing side on things on Friday night as he ran in the top 10 for much of the evening before coming falling back a bit at the end.  He finished 13th at the checkers.

“That was the most fun, exciting race I've probably ever had,” said Dalziel.  “The car was awesome and the team did a great job.  The pit stop strategy we ran was superb.  We didn't have enough motor at the end, which was a shame.”
Toby Porter says he had so much fun, he'd like to come back four times. (51 Sports photo)
SS Racing team owner, Ken Smith, was happy with the performance of both of his teams

“We had an engine go (with Butch), but I think everything turned out as good as it could,” said Smith.  “We brought two cars home clean.  I think the race, as the fans say, was one of the best we've seen.  I think we proved tonight we can run this track.”


For never running a superspeedway before, Jayme Bolkovac had a pretty impressive run at Kentucky.  She finished19th, just two laps off the pace.
“It was awesome,” said Bolkovac on her reaction to the evening.  “It is so fun going that fast and being inches away from someone and drafting with them. 

“The first couple laps was really interesting because I lost my radio and I was about to cry.  I kept asking if anyone was on there and no one was answering me.  I didn't want to go a lap down right off the bat.  Finally, I came in under one caution and got that fixed.  A few laps later, we lost our brakes, so it was very interesting, but we had a great time.”


A Benevolence Fund has been created for Doug Stevens, injured in a qualifying accident at Kentucky Speedway on May 7. Those wishing to make a donation to help Stevens with his expenses can make a donation in lieu of flowers to:
Both running their first speedway races, John Dalziel (#06) and Jayme Bolkovac (#92) had fine finishes.  (High Sierra Photo)
Doug Stevens Benevolence Fund
c/o Flag Bank
PO Box 428
Unadilla, GA 31091

Updating his progress, Stevens condition continues to improve and he has been moved into a private room and is able to sit upright and enjoy meals again. The doctors are evaluating his therapy needs and he expects to be released from the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center as soon as suitable rehabilitation providers can be secured around his hometown in the suburbs of Atlanta.
Stevens wished to relay to his fellow competitors and fans that his is doing well and is grateful for the thoughts and prayers of everyone.


While marching his way back towards the front on a late restart, race front runner and Rookie of the Year contender Ryan Unzucker got a little "love tap" from Brett Sontag which turned Ryan hard into the turn four wall, ending a potential win and career best finish.
Doug Stevens' injuries included a broken right femur, right shoulder, collarbone and left arm.
"We can't dwell on Kentucky," says Unzicker, who sits 21st in the ASA National Tour point standings.  "Even though I believe we turned a lot of heads, we have to pick up the pieces and get ready for the next race."

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"We had such a great run going, this is not the way I wanted our night to end," explained the frustrated 22-year old.  "We're desperately searching for sponsorship, and while we had an incredible run tonight, it doesn't help us if we're in the garage area when the checkered flags waves.

"I'm not sure what Brett Sontag was thinking, he was a lap down machine, and I thought I gave him enough room, and he just wrecked us, it's a shame."

The contact with the wall caused severe damage to both the front and rear clip of the machine.  The crew observed the car when it returned to the garage area and agreed it could not be fixed, and the team would have to settle for a disappointing 32nd place finish.
Ryan Unzicker (#66) was the victim of a bump from Brett Sontag late in the going at Kentucky.  (HS Photo)