low to get under the #7 car.  I knew the #7 was kind of green and I thought that I get could by on the outside. I got damn near up to the door and the #96 put me up into the fence.  I think that was more of a spotter issue.  I don’t think he even knew that I was up there the way he came up.”

After the incident, Kittleson soldiered on.

“We got that taken care of and put on some tires,” said Kittleson.  “We got going pretty good and all of a sudden we were behind the #11 car and we started having a major vibration.  It was wicked.  We came in when the caution came out again and put on lefts.  Whatever was happening with the
vibration was killing the left front tire.  It was bouncing right off the ground.  It wasn’t even touching the track.”

The DNF is just the latest in a run of bad luck for Kittleson.

“Right now, I’m pretty angry.  This is not what we need.  We are plenty capable of being a top five car in the points. We are nowhere near that and these finishes are killing us. We should have won tonight with the car torn up.  We are capable of winning races.”


Porter, Pyle, Smith, Logano, Kittleson, Leicht and Mark Martin?

When four-time ASA National Champion Mark Martin makes his return to the ASA National Tour
later this season, it will be behind the wheel of the #38 car normally driven by Joey Logano.  The 14-year-old has been running a limited schedule of events this season, but will yield his seat to the Nextel Cup star at Lowe’s Motor Speedway and Atlanta Motor Speedway.

“I’m going to run Milwaukee and Elko,” said Logano.  “Mark Martin will run Charlotte and Atlanta and we aren’t going to Kentucky.  They won’t let me run the big tracks yet.”

Mark Martin made 143 starts in his ASA career, producing 22 victories, 40 poles, 80 top-five finishes and 95 top 10s.

Robbie Pyle looked to be in the position to gain some points at Jennerstown after Wade Day went behind the wall early. Pyle qualified on the outside of row one and was running solidly in third when he came upon Jay Middleton’s spinning car on the backstretch.  With nowhere to go, Pyle slammed into the stopped car on the track.

“I picked a lane and the hole closed up when I got there,” said Pyle.  “I ran into him and zigged when I should have zagged.”

The damage to the front of the #63 was heavy.  The left front fender rubbed on the tire through the remainder of the race and a jolt to the mass airflow sensor caused Pyle to be down on power.  He went three laps down and ended up finishing 20th, which did not help his championship hopes.

“We had a bad day and we can’t afford to keep having that happen,” Said Pyle. “One more of these and we might be done. We can’t blame it on anyone. It’s a racing wreck and those things happen.”
Miller and Bryan Reffner also have NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series starts at the track.

Count Sauter as one of the guys happy to be going to the
Milwaukee Mile next.  He and his various family members have raced at the track countless times and with some momentum on his side, he might be a favorite in the August 29th race there.

“Milwaukee is sweet for me,” said Sauter.  “Everybody on this team is pumped up about going there.  It’s home for us.  We’re really gelling as a team and doing well.  We’ll see what happens there.”
Now that Toby Porter has gotten his first victory in the ASA National Series out of the way, the South Carolina driver is already hunting for win number two.

The next series stop on August 29th at Milwaukee might be a good venue for that.  He’s got his fair share of experience at the one-mile oval.

“I’ve had some good runs at Milwaukee,” said Porter.  “I raced there is a Truck and we qualified fourth.  I ran running fifth when a rocker arm broke.  In another race there, I was running second when we ran out of gas in turn one on the last lap.  We’re definitely capable of winning up
there and we’re excited for that race.  This is a tough series and it means a lot to break through and win.”

Porter has won short track races in all kinds of racecars.  He has victories in the USAR Pro Cup Series and NASCAR Southeast Series.
"We were racing with the #19 (Casey Smith) on the backstretch and he ran me up high into the fence,” said Kittleson.  “I ran into three and everything felt fine.  Two laps later I went into one and something broke.  It tore a brake line off and I just went straight into the fence.”

The damage to his car was too heavy to continue.

“It was done.  I hit it pretty hard.  I wouldn’t doubt it if we had to clip it this week.”

That wasn’t the first problem of the night for him however.

“Earlier, I was on the outside of Wade Day after a pit stop,” said Kittleson.  “We were pretty far back there and he went
Tim Sauter (#9) can't wait for the Milwaukee Mile.  (Millner Photo)

Porter isn’t the only ASA driver with NASCAR experience at Milwaukee.  Butch Miller has two NASCAR Busch Series starts there and Tim Sauter has three Busch Series runs to his credit at the track.  Sauter qualified third and finished ninth there in 2002.
Porter hopes that he'll get to hold another trophy soon. (Milner Photo)
14-year-old Joey Logano made his third career ASA start at Jennerstown and had a pretty good night.  The youngster kept
out of trouble and finished on the lead lap in 14th with a
less than perfect racecar.

“We were struggling all day,” said Logano.  “We didn’t qualify really good, but we made the race.  When the track cooled down, the car got tight and at the end I was struggling to hang on to it.  The front end was chattering really bad.  We raced hard and stayed pretty clean.”

With a few races under his belt, Logano is starting to get a feel for the ASA National Series.

“I’m starting to get more comfortable in these cars,” said Logano.  “They’re a lot different than Late Models.  I’m starting to get a hang of them though.”

The #30 of Travis Kittleson had a night full of trouble.  He was fast, but got caught in two wrecks.  Kittleson recapped his night of adventure for 51 - starting with what took him out of the race.
Joey Logano. (51 Photo)
“The engine kept misfiring and we weren’t real sure what the
deal was,” said Sorenson.  “We didn’t get any practice in this car at all,”  I wish that we could have run that other car that we had.  It seems like whenever we get real fast, we have to run our back-up car.  Maybe someday, we can run our primary car and win.”

Sorenson did not fare too bad with his back-up.  He finished
fourth after having possibly the quickest car at the end of the race.

“We just ran out of time,” said Sorenson.  “It was too loose to

John Dalziel finished in the top twenty at Jennerstown after some early problems.  His goal for the next race at Milwaukee is to try and take care of some family business regarding his brother, Ryan, who is currently second in points for the Toyota Atlantic open wheeled series.

“I’m looking forward to Milwaukee,” said Dalziel.  “My brother  won there last year in Toyota Atlantics.  So there’s some family bragging rights at stake.  I need to step it up a bit and catch up with him.”


Reed Sorenson had to go to a back-up car for the main event at Jennerstown after motor problems struck his team in practice.
Jennerstown was frustrating for Robbie Pyle. (Milner Photo)
Travis Kittleson had a day to forget at Jennerstown.  (51 Photo)

start with, we tightened it up a little bit.  Once we put right side tires on, we were pretty good.  At the end, we were racing against the best guys in the series.  It’s fun racing with those guys.”


Davin Scites was back in the driver’s seat at Jennerstown.  He has spent most of 2004 as a crew chief for SS Racing with only one previous start as a driver, which came early in the season at Lanier.  Scites enjoyed being back and has a few more races planned for the rest of the year.

"Right now the plans are for me to run Martinsville in a (NASCAR Craftsman) Truck,"  said Scites.  "Elko was mentioned, but I don't know about that.  Nothing is set in stone and I'm just along for the ride.  I definately want to get in a car and I don't care what it is, as long as I'm racing."

The time away from the cockpit has helped Scites as a driver.

"I'm definately hungry," said Scities.  "I've been just dying to get in a racecar.  But I've learned so much working as a crew chief.  The feedback that a driver needs to give his team and things like that don't seem so important until you get on the other side."


Casey Smith had an overall good night at Jennerstown.  He finished eighth, had a fast racecar towards the end of the event and made up a good amount of ground on Rookie of the Year leader Wade Day in the season long point standings.
There wasn't anything second rate about Sorenson's back-up car. (Milner Photo)
The ground that he gained was great and the top ten finish a welcome one for the family-owned Smith team.  However, possibly most important for the #19 though was their ability
to solve some lingering engine problems that have held them back in recent events.

“We did some things to the injectors that really helped the
motor,” said Smith. “I was surprised that the motor was that
good tonight. It’s still a little bit off, but I’m not complaining. I’m excited that we finished eighth and qualified fifth, but I know that we’re going to do a little better."


Another driver making up ground in the rookie battle at Jennerstown was 17-year-old Stephen Leicht.  The WalTom driver finished seventh and also moved closer to Day.

“We finished seventh and gained a ton of points on the lead in the Rookie of the Year race,” said Leicht. “We are going to be very close together now. We were the highest rookies tonight and considering what we had to go through, that’s pretty good.”

Leicht’s ace in the hole might be his team’s strength on the big tracks of the ASA National Series.  They led at Kentucky before a spin ended their day early this year and with four of the final five races on track of at least one mile, Leicht might be in good shape to come from behind and win
the Rookie of the Year crown.

“Going to the bigger tracks, we’ll be very strong,” said Leicht. “We have our game on at the bigger
tracks. We’ve got our set-ups down perfect and right now some of the other guys are going to be playing catch-up to us.”

Casey Smith leads Wade Day on the track and chases him in the RoY points.  (Milner Photo)