ASA Looks Toward Possible Date in 2004
ASA testing at the one-and-a-half mile Lowe's Motor Speedway in North Carolina this week is now history, but it will surely be making news in the racing world for quite some time.  The two-day test session ended Wednesday with veteran Mike Garvey taking the final laps in the session.
Garvey's best overall time on the track did come on the final day of practice when several variations were tried with the car.  His top time was 32.38 seconds, which equates to an average speed of 166.76mph.  That marked an improvement of nearly three-tenths of a second over the first-day's top time.

ASA also had Garvey attempt what they call a "modified oval" at LMS.  Basically, the car enters an inner-loop just past the tri-oval on the frontstretch and then re-enters the
superspeedway near the first turn.  Garvey completed the feat on five occasions with a time that was nearly six seconds off the regular configuration's time.

Officials from ASA (Steve Dale and Mark Gundrum), as well as technicians from BFGoodrich, Howe Racing Enterprises, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (the company which prepares ASA engines for racing), Tex Racing and Five Star bodies were on hand.

The only negative to the entire test was that Mother Nature stopped the test session just before an ASA car was about to take its first laps under the lights at LMS.  ASA tells us to expect more testing on a "big track" before any announcement will be made about a possible date in 2004, but after the test, all indications were that they can move ahead in that direction.
MIke Garvey was the only driver to wheel the ASA test car on Wednesday at LMS.
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