Garvey Testing With BFG, Howe, Engine & Body People
ASA is testing at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina this week.  The two-day test session began on Tuesday (8am-4pm) and continues on Wednesday (4pm-10pm) at the one-and-a-half mile superspeedway.
Mike Garvey is the lead driver at the experimental test at LMS, but Robbie Pyle also logged laps during day number-one.  By the end of the day, Garvey was flat-out around the racetrack with a big rear spoiler on the test car.  His fastest lap was 32.67 seconds at an average speed of 165.289mph during a late afternoon run.  His top speed on the fastest portion of the track was 169mph; his slowest point on the track was recorded at 157mph.  The entire day of testing went smoothly with no incidents.

Officials from ASA (Steve Dale and Mark Gundrum), as well as technicians from BFGoodrich, Howe Racing Enterprises, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (the company which prepares ASA engines for racing) and Five Star bodies were on hand for the full-day session.
On Wednesday, Garvey and that same team of technicians will test under the lights at LMS.  The session will also include an attempt to run a "modified-oval," which means Garvey will turn into a built-in chicane on the frontstretch.  Part-time ASA competitor Ryan Zeck, who has experience in ARCA cars at LMS, may take a few laps behind the wheel of the test car as well.  Robbie Pyle has left Charlotte to test with his CITGO team at Berlin on Wednesday.