championship.  Then in the playoffs, he excelled with another three triumphs in five games.  In fact, even when he was knocked down hard by Benny Gordon (in the controversial Myrtle Beach event), he got back up and won the final game of the season, the Super Bowl so to speak, at Lakeland (FL).  He reminds me a lot of Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.
Reed Sorenson (ASA) – Eric Metcalf made a career out of being a third-down back in the NFL and Sorenson has a lot of the same attributes.  You gotta be able to do it all as a third-down back and Sorenson can.  He was on top of the Legends Car world before moving over to Late Models and eventually ASA where he finished fourth in points as a rookie.  He’s got the moves and the talent and is on his way to making it to the big leagues.

Steve Carlson (NASCAR Midwest) – His age is the only thing that keeps him from being one of our running backs.  He may not be a spring chicken, but Carlson can deliver a pounding to the competition in NASCAR’s Midwest Series and in Late Model competition and that’s what we look for
Reed Sorenson knows how to handle all types pf pressure, making him a great third down back.
in a fullback.  Carlson is a winner, as evident by his nine Midwest Series (style) championships and we like that!

Bobby Gill (Pro Cup) – Bobby Gill may be down, but he’s certainly not out and that’s why we still want him on our team.  A year removed from dominance in Pro Cup, Gill had nothing go right in this year’s campaign.  A tough year off-the-track compounded his bad luck on it.  And now his ride for the upcoming season has dissolved.  Will someone please put this Short Track legend back in a car?  He can still kick everyone’s ass if given the opportunity.
Johnny Clark (PASS) – This may be a shocker to some, but Johnny is our back-up QB.  He runs with the PASS (a deep northeast-based super late model series) boys and he’s used to cold weather climates, perfect for playoff time.  And look at him; he’s got a little Terry Bradshaw in him.  He’s got the beard thing going just like Bradshaw did for the playoffs in the ‘70s and ‘80s.  And I betcha if you put him up to it, Johnny wouldn’t shave it either until he won the Big Dawg ($100,000 to win race in October in ME).

JJ Yeley (USAC) – Nobody ran away with a series (or series’ in his case) more than JJ Yeley in USAC.  He became only the second guy to ever win the Triple Crown (equivalent to football’s Super Bowl).  And remember, like
Hey, John Madden can have his own team even though he’s ONLY a broadcaster right now, so why not us here at 51.  Just like John, I’m a television commentator as well (for SPEED Channel & Fox Sports), but unfortunately the similarities end there.  He’s got a bus, I don’t.  He’s got millions of bucks, I don’t.  You get the picture.  We do share another vision, the passion for the game we both represent.  John loves football; I love racing, short track style in particular.

This week “Johnny-boy” will release his “All-Madden Team.”  It’s a collection of the best and toughest in the game.  So in honor of Madden and in the spirit of the game, I’d like to, for the second-time since we started 51, announce this year’s “All-Dillner Team.”  Alright, here it goes…

QUARTERBACKS (two are better than one)
Shane Huffman (Pro Cup) – You need a leader and a winner to pilot your squad to victory and nobody did this more efficiently than Shane Huffman in the USAR Pro Cup Series this year.  He won five times in 13-regular season games on the way to the Southern Division
Racing and football dosen't mix, do they?  Wrong says former ASA champ Joey Clanton.
Priest Holmes in KC, you want your running back to score and JJ did that 24 times this year in a combo of Midget, Sprint and Silver Crown races.  And he’s durable too!  C’mon, anybody that can wrestle three different open-wheel cars for a full season in each and win as much as he did is a starter in my backfield.

Mike Garvey (ASA) – He’s fast; what else can you say?  And that’s what you want in a running back.  But he’s tough as nails too and can rough it up with the best of them.  He’s got a little Walter Payton style in his driving.  He can pass you cleanly, blow right by you or bruise you up a little on the way to the promised land.  “Garv” was tied with series champ Kevin Cywinski for most wins in ASA this year and he demolished everyone in laps led.  His only blemish has been his durability as far as making it to the end of the game, I mean, race.  He’s had some nasty luck in the past, but now the racing gods seem to be shining upon him more often.
WIDE RECEIVERS (Four Receiver Set)
Andy Santerre (Busch North) – Here’s a Chris Collinsworth-type receiver if you’ve ever seen him.  Andy is tall and we like that when going against some of the smaller defensive backs these days.  He too knows how to win as evident by his second straight Busch North title. 

Jeff Fultz (NASCAR Southeast) – He spanked the competition in the Southeast Series this year with six wins in ten races.  Problem is, his team was a lot like the Chiefs and the Colts this year.  They were dominant, but not steady enough to win the title.  We still like his speed and after all, he did win it all the year before in the Southeast Series.

Jason Sarvis (Pro Cup) – Speed is the name of the game as a receiver.  If you can beat your opponent, you are going to score and Sarvis knows how to do that.  He was a holdout at the beginning of last season (not because of his own doing), but returned to make an impact a year after his championship season.  The upside of Sarvis is we like his potential.
John Silverthorne (ASA) – Here’s the true definition of a gentle giant.  He may be a big boy, but he’s also one of the nicest guys you’ll meet anywhere.  “Big John” could certainly score well in the “Pancake” category for offensive lineman.

Don Satterfield (Pro Cup) – He’s part of our 300-plus brigade.  Good part about him, he’s hard to move on the racetrack; that’s a perfect quality for an offensive lineman.  His nickname is the “Hawk,’ but we still can’t figure that one out.  He’s certainly not stealth like a hawk.

Danny Lasoski (WoO) – Ok, he’s not 300 pounds, but he is built pretty rugged and he’s quick too.  He’s the guy we would pull to run the screen play or claim as an eligible receiver on a trick play.
Johnny Clark looks like he'd be pretty imposing under center of Dillner's team
Eddy McKean (NASCAR Southwest) – He’s certainly veteran status and he may not be able to keep up with the youngsters on foot, but he can still score behind the wheel of a racecar.  Like Sterling Sharpe, he only gets better with age.  He proved it again by winning the season opener for the Southwest Series at Phoenix recently.

Ed “Bubba” Zwickel (Riverhead Raceway, NY) – He’s a big man!  How big is he you ask?  So big that he once caved in the roof of his car during his championship celebration in victory lane at “The Head.”  Also gotta love that he was a champ in the “Blunderbust” class.
Eddie McKean.. he only gets better with age.
Bond Suss (ASA) – There are a lot of good ones out there, but I think “Bondo” may be the best in the business.  He’s smart; he’s got energy, yet he can stay calm under pressure and that’s exactly what a youngster like Joey Miller (ASA) needs.  And remember, he coached the aggressive Joey Clanton to the ASA title in 2002.

Mike Resop – He’s one of the best crewmembers in ASA (Cywinski’s team), but someday he’s gonna realize he should be down south!
Richie Wauters – This “cheesehead” knows how to build a fast car and now has the premier short track rental program in the nation.
Trey Tomaino – He is now the “Top Wrench” on his father’s Modified team.  And he tells his Dad, Jamie, a former Featherlite Mod champ, exactly how it is.
Chas Howe – He may have inherited a successful chassis business (Howe Racing Enterprises), but he is one of the hardest working and dedicated guys in the business.
Bond Suss, who has one ASA title to his credit, now leads young rookie Joey Miller... and leads the All Dillner team.
Joe Miller (ASA, Cywinski’s Team Owner) – The Country Joe boys are taking a lot of these non-driving spots on the All-Dillner Team, but they are well-deserving.  Joe came into what once was the LaFavre ASA stable and saved the team.  He not only resurrected it; he let his team do the job they are capable of and that meant the ASA championship.


Wayne Willard (Southern All Stars) – He’s a perennial threat in the Southern All Stars Series (southern- based Super Late Models) where he won the championship again this year.  His problem is that he doesn’t venture too far from home.  He’s like one of those good Arena League or World League players that nobody knows about.  Somebody needs to draft this guy and give him a shot at the big leagues of short track racing.

TIGHT END (Double-Set Formation)
Charlie Bradberry (NASCAR Southeast) – He’s got that tight-end build; not too big, but not too small.  And he’s a tough quiet guy; doesn’t that sound like a tight-end?  He reminds us a lot of Wesley Walls, formerly a Carolina Panther but now a Green Bay Packer.  His incredible trip from the blizzard in New York to his win the next day in the Snowball Derby sealed the deal for us on the starting position in this category.  Oh, and he can win the big dance too; remember, he beat “Fultzy” for the Southeast Series title this year.
Andy Santerre shines like a star when he is behind the wheel, making him our top receiver.