The Turbush Brothers (Street Stock) – You gotta be mean and nasty as a defensive lineman and there’s no brother combination in racing that’s any meaner than the Turbush boys, Rusty and Danny, from my hometrack of Riverhead Raceway.
Scott Bloomquist (Xtreme DirtCar Series) – Add “Bloomer” to our linebacking squad; there ain’t nobody getting by our guys.  He’s been “The Man” in Dirt Late Model Racing for years and he’s got a “Bad Boy” attitude to boot.  He won the Extreme title again this year and won his 100th series race during the season.  Gotta love the skull and crossbones on his car too.

Steve Kinser (WoO) – A racing magazine once professed that Steve Kinser has “Dark Moods;” who cares.  Bring it on baby!  A lot of these crotchety racers are successful aren’t they?  Seventeen championships in the bag, Kinser is smiling deep down inside.
The Skull on the side of Scott Bloomquist's #0 pretty much tells his attitude about things.
Kevin Cywinski (ASA) - DB's need to be patient and not commit the penalty, Kevin Cywinski rarely makes a mistake and that led him to another ASA title this year.

Jimmy Blewett (Modifieds) – Recognize the name?  Yup, another Blewett.  Jimmy may be John’s “little bro,” but he doesn’t back down from anyone.  He’s a trash-talker and that’s exactly what we need to psyche out the other team.

Frank Kimmel (ARCA) – A nice guy, but we won’t hold that against him.  He’s a winner and that breeds success.

Steve Holzhausen (Super Late Models) - One of the grittiest racers I've seen and you gotta love that name on the back of a jersey!
John Blewett III (Featherlite Mods) – Just like his Dad, John has turned into one “Bad Ass” racer.  He attacks without notice and we think he’d be our top “Sack Artist.”  He once had aspirations of climbing to the big leagues of NASCAR, but now knows his place as one of the best Modified drivers in the country.

Jeff Jefferson (NASCAR Northwest) – Ever see this dude?  He’s got the build of a defensive lineman.  I wouldn’t want to mess with last year’s Northwest Series champ.

Bo Gunning (Modifieds) – One of the dirtiest racers I’ve ever seen.  He’s good, but he’s never been afraid to use his bumper.  And he’s never been one to back out of a fight either.  Perfect!
Hey, John Madden can have his own team even though he’s ONLY a broadcaster right now, so why not us here at 51.  Just like John, I’m a television commentator as well (for SPEED Channel & Fox Sports), but unfortunately the similarities end there.  He’s got a bus, I don’t.  He’s got millions of bucks, I don’t.  You get the picture.  We do share another vision, the passion for the game we both represent.  John loves football; I love racing, short track style in particular.

This week “Johnny-boy” will release his “All-Madden Team.”  It’s a collection of the best and toughest in the game.  So in honor of Madden and in the spirit of the game, I’d like to, for the second-time since we started 51, announce this year’s “All-Dillner Team.”  Alright, here it goes…
WoO star Joey Saldana was a big-time football player at one time... kinda.
Wayne Anderson (Super Late Models) – You gotta love defensive players; they are just downright mean.  Have you ever seen Wayne Anderson when he’s pissed off?  Believe me, you don’t want to.  He torments his competition, yet he’s savvy and quick enough to just fly by them if he wants to.  Anderson is a no-brainer on the All-Dillner Team.

Ted Christopher (Featherlite Mods) – Here’s another quick, agile, “Bad-Ass” racer.  Guess the Mod Squad breeds a couple of these, huh?  Teddy is so mean he once dumped his own brother on the final corner of the final lap of a race for the win and then invited him over to dinner afterwards.
Brian Hoppe (NASCAR Midwest) – Hey, you need an extra defensive back when you are trying to protect the lead and after all, Brian does wear #51 on his jersey.

Junior Hanley (SSS) – He’s got plenty of experience and that’s what you need to guide your team through the playoffs.  He’s truly one of the greatest to ever grace the short tracks of American and Canada.  Plus he’s got that mean look that will scare opponents just like it does in the Sunoco Super Series.

PUNTER (It’s a toss-up, although both these could be argued in a court of law)
Grundy (IL) this year with Richie Wauters’ car and then wasn’t allowed at the next track he went to, and for no apparent reason.

Joey Clanton – Joey can wheel a car.  Busch cars take a lot of finesse, which Joey is learning, but look at what he did to the ASA field at Nashville.  Wow!

Doug Bland – For the work he did to revive the Extreme DirtCar Series this year.
Glen Luckett – He’s bringing the Sunoco Super Series to the forefront of the short track world.
Tim Southers – A phenomenal job with the PR for the Pro Cup Series and a damn nice guy to boot!
Steve Dale – Like his ideas or not, he’s trying something different with the ASA series and not many people are willing to do that these days.
Joe Balash – Gotta include this dude because he’s an intimidating ASA official.  Little do people know he’s got a great heart.


They don't come much more "bad ass" then John Blewett (red shirt), here taking on Nevin George at Speedweeks a couple years back.
Ben Rowe (PASS) – Why?  Because he rarely misses.  He won more than half the series races this year and only finished out of the top-three twice.

Tony Stewart – The guy can come in and rock the short track house at any time in any class.

Ken Schrader – Gotta love a guy who still comes to do some short trackin’ just for fun.

Johnny Sauter – He came back and won a race at
Ben Rowe is super accurate... making him our team's kicker.
Brian Hoppe is pretty good... but we also like his taste in numbers.
Benny Gordon (Pro Cup) – For his punt of Shane Huffman in the Pro Cup Championship Series race at Myrtle Beach Speedway.

Davin Scites (ASA) – For his sidekick of Mike Garvey on the last lap during the April ASA race at Concord Motorsport Park (NC).