JEFF FULTZ IS BACK  By Matthew Dillner
Greenville King Beats Prince for Big Win
To say Jeff Fultz's performance at the Southeast Series race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway was dominant would be an understatement.

"Cruise Control," said Fultz.  "It's nice to have a car this good."

No, Jeff Fultz doesn't really have cruise control, but his C&C Boilers #54 was on rails all day.  Fultz was fast in practice.  So fast, he didn't even run the entire session.  Then he grabbed the pole with a blistering lap around the old half-mile speedway.  Jeff started sixth after the invert but made quick work of the field to net his first Southeast Series win of the year.

"It was a great night.  We are back to the way we were last year and it feels great.  We were off a little bit so far this year and found some things after Houston.  We put it back to the way it was last year and it showed.  We got the pole, came from sixth to get into the lead and stayed out front.  To be
that dominant; that is the kind of team we have and the type of car we have.  We just have to get ready for the big tracks and keep this going."

The win put an end to Jason Hogan's bid for a hat-trick (three-straight wins) and an end to Fultz's stretch of bad luck.

"It's our fault.  Jason hasn't beaten us this year.  We have beaten ourselves. Tonight we showed what this team is made of.  Last year, we won six races and the final three.  We are back.  We want to get this 22nd win this year and be the all-time win leaders and get this championship."

Even more sweet than the first win and beating Hogan was that it was a one-two finish for JCR3 Racing.  Kevin Prince worked his way up from the 7th starting spot to finish 2nd behind his teammate.

"I am real pumped up for my teammate, said Fultz of Kevin Prince.  "When he got to second, I said just give me the
Jeff Fultz was in a class by himself at Greenville Pickens   (51 Photos)
times and tell me if he is running me down.  I kept enough distance but also wanted to save a little bit just in case we had a caution."

"Congratulations to him," said a pumped up Prince.  "We are teammates, so I am glad to see him win and us finish second.  It's great for the JCR3 Team."

The podium pair celebrated and took photos together in victory lane.  It was clear that this duo is now on the right track.
Fultz's #54 was so fast that he didn't even have to use the entire practice session. (51Photos)
"Our cars are pretty even," said Fultz.  "So if I had problems, he would be able to catch up with me.  We run identical setups in both of these cars. He's going to win some races this year, but I am going to go out there and win while I can.

Prince was on the move but Fultz's big lead, long green-flag runs and
lapped traffic halted Prince's bid for his first Southeast Series win.

"When we got to second," explains Prince, "we tried and tried to close the gap a little bit. When I tried to run harder, it ended up slowing us down.  It was just one of those deals where we couldn't catch him.

We've been close to winning in this series so many times and we will seal the deal one of these days."

Although the race at Greenville Pickens wasn't too exciting with Jeff Fultz stinking up the show, one thing is for certain.  Everyone in the Southeast Series should take notice; Jeff Fultz and his JCR3 Team are back and the champ is as confident as ever.

Kevin Prince with his teammate Jeff Fultz in Greenville-Pickens Victory Lane. (51 Photos)