Snoozer Produces Only Two Cars on the Lead Lap

To say the ROMCO 100 at the Texas Motor Speedway was a two-horse race would be and understatement.  Lonestar State “Young Gun” Robert Richardson was one of only two drivers to finish on the lead lap.  Can you say snoozer?

The race was downright boring.  In fact, only watching cows grazing grass on some of the neighboring ranches would more boring than what we saw Friday night at the one-and-a-half mile superspeedway

Here’s the race in a nutshell; crash on lap one; Richardson takes the lead shortly thereafter; Chris Davidson provides the only excitement in the race with a three-wide pass in traffic to steal the lead; then Robertson out-motored Davidson for the top spot and the victory.

And out-motored may be an understatement.  Richardson looked like he had a hundred more ponies under the hood then any of his competition, even second place finisher Chris Davidson.

“Second place, it sucks.  We were good, but Richardson has way more motor than we did,” said Davidson, the former ROMCO champ.  “Every time we got to lapped traffic we could catch him, but as soon as we would clear them he would drive away like I was standing still.  I don’t know, you got to wonder.
“I’m not going to say anything because I’m not sure,” continued Davidson as he pondered whether or not Richardson’s powerplant was legal.  “The fastest laps we had seen all weekend were like a high 35 and he was turning some 32-second laps.  I guess whatever he is doing he is doing right.

The only excitement in the race came when Richardson encountered lapped traffic going into turn one.  Davidson caught the group and without hesitation and without lifting he bolted to the outside and passed all three cars in one swoop.

“He’s hesitant with lapped traffic and here where you don’t lift you can’t be like that.   I just went on the outside and went by him, three-wide.  But it didn’t take long for him to get back by him,” commented Davidson.

“Man, that was something else,” Richardson told us in victory lane.  “I did the same thing to him last year.  I just got stuck behind some lapped cars and he didn’t let up.  I knew I couldn’t tear this racecar up, but I betcha it was a great show for the fans.”

Great show?  I don’t think so.  The drone of cars running single file was enough to put my grandmother to sleep.  Even Davidson knew this race was a yawner.
“It’s probably not that good of a race from the fans point of view, but it’s something to fill the time between Cup qualifying and the IROC race. 

"We have the restrictor-plates and we’re in front of the Cup guys so this is our Daytona.  It’s nice to be here but in actuality, it’s boring.  You just get out there, put it on the floor and go around in circles.
Davidson's slick #41 was fast, but didn't have enough steam to catch Richardson.
"There might be some stuff they have to do to make it more exciting; maybe a bigger restrictor plate or something so that we have to get out of the throttle.  That way it would make it more of a driver’s racetrack for us.  It’s all motor right now.  This race is won before you get here.  It’s all in the motor shop.”

And Richardson’s Hamner motor was the best on this night.  It was a night of vindication for the former SMU Quarterback.  Last year he had a dominant car, but couldn’t close the deal.  This year he got the birthday present he was wishing for.

“Man, this is unbelievable.  This is my Daytona.  I couldn’t be
Richardson and his entire team was pumped in victory lane.
happier if I won at Daytona because the Texas Motor Speedway is my hometrack.  I just can’t believe this is happening,” said Richardson, who turns 22 on Sunday.

“Last year I made a rookie mistake here.  I was going through the gears and I blew a valve in the motor.  I got in the lead, but I got in a hurry and I was running on seven cylinders the rest of the way.  I wasn’t going to do that again; I learned my lesson.

Davidson was last year’s winner of the ROMCO 100 at TMS.  Now both those dudes will abandon the ROMCO Series in favor of the NASCAR Southeast Series this year.

We wonder if the ROMCO Series should abandon running at Texas Motor Speedway.  It’s an awesome short track Super Late Model Series, but it doesn’t belong on the superspeedway.

FIRE 911 ROMCO 100
Texas Motor Speedway

1. Robert Richardson
2. Chris Davidson
3. Kent Baltzell