The Busch North and Mod Guys Make Some Memorable Remarks
“I want to be the first to say that mine’s bigger than yours.” – Dale Quarterley to Kelly Moore after Quarterley collected his third-place trophy.

“This is a pretty nice place that you have here.” – Mike Joy to Matt Kobyluck on the Mohegan Sun Resort.  The facility is the sponsor of Kobyluck’s car and the Connecticut driver is also a member of the Mohegan Tribe of Native Americans.

“Brian Hoar could not be here tonight to accept his award….oops…sorry, Brian.” – Mike Joy in awarding the
Every time that you get a bunch of racers in a room together, they tell good stories, brag a little bit and have a few memorable quotes.  Most of these quotes didn’t realty fit into any of the big stories of the NASCAR banquet weekend at Mohegan Sun Casino, however, they are entertaining enough to stand on their own.  Enjoy.


“It’s going to be 18 degrees on Monday and snow one to three inches, but it’s great to be home,” - Connecticut’s Mike Joy, who emceed the banquet

“He said that he wouldn’t have forgotten it if it was bigger.” - Mike Joy after Kelly Moore left the stage and forgot to take his fourth-place trophy with him.
“Every time that Dave [Dion] won a pole, we won the race.  We were cheering for that #29 to take the pole every week.” – Andy Santerre.


“We’re never going to do that again.” NASCAR’s Don Hawk looking back at the revised race format for this season’s Thompson 300.  The race was run in 100-lap segments instead of a straight-up 300 laps.  Competitor and fan reaction to the changes was very poor.

“He was the definition of a real race person.  He was a fierce competitor and still a very honorable man.” –  NASCAR’s Joe Scotnicki on Tom Baldwin.
“I haven’t been to too many of these banquets before.” – Eight time NASCAR Champion Mike Stefanik.

“I want to thank my wife Tracy for putting up with me.  You’ve all seen how much of a pain that I am at the racetrack.  You can only imagine how much worse I am at home when I’m bored.” – Dale Quarterley.

“This trophy is more about my team than myself because as a driver, I never do anything wrong.” – Dale Quarterley's tongue in cheek self assessment.
10th-place Busch North points trophy and not seeing its recipient in the crowd until he was almost up to the podium.

“In front of a live television audience, he kicked ass in the NASCAR Toyota All Star Showdown.” – Mike Joy on Mike Johnson.

“Lee [Roy] says that we can tell a Billy Penfold story now and I’m sure that everybody has one.” – Mike Joy during a pause in the action in the Busch North Banquet.  Penfold, one of the most vocal personalities in the series, could not attend the banquet.
A Dave Dion pole is a good thing for Santerre.
Bill Penfold didn't even need to be there to get picked on this weekend.  (51 Photos)
“I’d get the phone calls every Monday from him saying how he was 3/10th faster than everyone else.  I’d ask where he finished and he’d say 21st.  I would ask why and he would say, ‘This guy did that with his tires, that guy did this’ and I’d be like OK…whatever.” – Tom Baldwin, Jr. on his late father.

“You would walk away from Tommy scratching your head and wondering if he just insulted you or complimented you.” – Rick Fuller on his conversations with Tom Baldwin.

“I like to thank all of that Internet stuff for their coverage.  I’m not into that because I’m out in the garage working all night.” – Modified Series champion Tony Hirschman.
Some of the best quotes all weekend were memories of Tom Baldwin.  The man known as "The Show" would have been happy to hear that.
“I don’t care what anyone else says, these are the greatest racecars in the world.” – Mike Joy on the NASCAR Modifieds.

“I don’t really have very much to say, if any of you can believe that.” – Rick Fuller starting out his speech for finishing fifth in NASCAR Modified Series points.
“It didn’t say Whelen, so it was time to go.” – Rick Fuller commenting on the Featherlite Modified Series sign that fell off the front of his lectern during his speech.

“Without places to race and asses in the seats, we would all be staying at home.” – Rick Fuller thanking the tracks and fans of the Modified Tour.

“There’s not enough alcohol in this room to make you feel comfortable coming up here.” – Jerry Marquis on public speaking.

“Thanks to my Mom for allowing me to live past the age of 16.  I really put her through hell as a kid.” – Eddie Flemke, Jr.

“I didn’t put a lot of effort into my speech.  A few weeks ago, I was watching the Nextel Cup banquet and they were reading off a teleprompter.  So where the hell is that?” – Matt Hirschman.
“This is my first time at a casino being of legal age to gamble.  I never realized how quickly a 20-dollar bill could go.” – Matt Hirschman.

“I really want to thank you for allowing Todd [Szegedy] to go Busch Series racing this year.” – Championship car owner Bob Kehley to last year’s championship car owner Don Barker.  2003 champion Szegedy missed a few Modified races in order to compete in the Busch Series this year and could not defend his title.

“The over 40 crowd swept the top five in points.  That is pretty cool.” – Mike Joy.

“When Jamie Tomaino came up here, he showed me his AARP card and reminded me that the top six in points were over 40.” – Mike Joy

It was no surprise that Rick Fuller had a few memorable lines during the evening.