haven’t even been able to see second place behind me,” said Christopher.  “I could name a half dozen races like that.  But something would always happen.  A tire would go bad or a motor would break.  I just love racing here and now that I have something that will stay together and run up front, I’ll just drive the balls off the thing.”
Years Without Winnning At NHIS... TC Makes It Two-In-A-Row
It took five days from when the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Series teams signed into the New Hampshire International Speedway until when they finally got their 100-lap feature completed.  Two rain delays doubled their time at the track. 
Before the race ended, TC almost had a little bit of company.  A lead of nearly an entire straightaway was being nibbled away by a hard charging Todd Szegedy.  However, without the help of a caution to close things up, Szegedy had no choice but to settle for second place.

“We got really tight in the beginning and then the car came to me,” said Szegedy.  “We needed a green-white-checkered finish at the end.  I’m not saying that I could have won, but his car was really dropping off bad and mine was really getting fast, so who knows?”

Christopher could see in his mirror that Szegedy was quick.
After all of the waiting around, the result on Monday afternoon was the same as in July at the track.  Ted Christopher once again won the race after starting from the pole.  He even led all of the series practices at the track during the 2004 season.

Needless to say, he also wrapped up the track’s annual championship for the Modified division.

Before this season, TC had four Busch North victories at New Hampshire, but had never captured a Modified race at the one-mile oval.  It wasn’t from lack of trying.

“I’ve been here when I’ve been so far ahead in races that I
As TC shows, it was his second win at New Hampshire this year.  (51 Photos)
Point leader Tony Hirschman finished third and added a few markers to his lead with two races to go.  Donny Lia passed Eddie Flemke for fourth barely before the 100 laps of the event ran out.  Flemke held on to a top five finish and stayed within shouting distance of Hirschman in the championship battle.  Hirschman now holds a 20-point lead with two events left in the season.

The Featherlite Modified Series returns to action Sunday for the Fall Finale at Stafford Motor Speedway (CT).

Todd Szegedy (#50) was TC's only real competition, but it wasn't even this close at the end of the day.
“I was a little concerned,” said Christopher.  “We were still pretty good, but we were loose and he was pushing.  Sometimes it plays into your favor and sometimes it doesn’t and today we ended the race way out front. 

Still, Szegedy wasn’t too frustrated with his second place finish.

“It’s just the way that it goes,” said Szegedy.  “You can’t worry about why you finished second, you worry about how you are going to fix it for next year.”
Tony Hirschman exteded his points lead.