Former Motorcyclist Has Won on All Types of Busch North Tracks
Dale Quarterley crashed a Moore family party on Saturday at the New Hampshire International Speedway.  The driver of the #32 car was able to take advantage of a father and son battle for the lead between Kelly and Ryan Moore in the 125-lap NASCAR Busch North race to motor by on the outside and win his first race of the season.
The victory at New Hampshire rounds out an impressive racing resume for the former motorcycle racer.  He now joins a select group of seven other drivers who have won on a Busch North road course, short track and speedway.  The group that he joins in an impressive one and consists of defending champion Andy Santerre, Joe Bessey, Tom Carey, Ted Christopher, Bobby Dragon, Brad Leighton and Mike Stefanik.

“It’s a neat little category,” said Quarterley.  “Some are good speedway and road course drivers, but can’t do the short tracks.  Some guys are good on speedways and short tracks, but can’t do well on a road course.  That’s almost the best part of today - getting into that elite group.”
Quarterley had a steep hill to climb through the field.  He started fourteenth, but was up to the top five by lap 50.  It was obvious that he had a fast car, but at that point in the race it looked like nobody would have anything to beat Moores.

Kelly Moore passed a car per lap at the start to make his way into the lead from his sixth starting position early in the race.  Except for three laps where Brian Hoar poked his nose into the top spot and an exchange of the lead during pit stops, he paced the field until the halfway mark of the event.
It was then that his son Ryan made his way past to take the lead.  There would be no team orders, blocking or favors between the two however.  Kelly stayed behind Ryan and raced him hard. 

Quarterley had gotten to within sight of the lead and was able to size up his competition.

“For awhile those guys were definitely pressuring each other,” said Quarterley.  “They were getting their way ahead of me for awhile.  I had myself on a pace and I didn’t want to burn my tires up.”

But just past the 100-lap mark, Quarterley knew that it was
Dale Quarterley celebrates his first NHIS victory. (51 Photo)
time to try and get to the front.

“I kept waiting for a caution and it never came,” said Quarterley.  “With 20 to go, I knew that I needed to do something.  At the same point that I went to go, they started racing each other and I caught them in three laps.  Normally, it would have taken me 10-12 laps to get to them.  I blew right by them because they goofed each other up.  I got by them and was all excited.  I felt like a little kid in the car.”
Kelly Moore (#47) and Ryan Moore (#74) raced hard, without team or family orders, for the lead.
(51 Photo)
The elder Moore admits that there was little that he could do to keep Quarterley behind him.

“Dale made a bold move on the outside to get by us and I just didn’t have enough to get back by him,” said Kelly Moore. 

To get to the finish line, Quarterley still needed to endure another restart with a handful of laps to go.

“I was just dreading the restart because I abused my car to get to those guys,” said Quarterley.  “When the tires cool off, they slip and slide, so I made myself go slow enough just to not goof myself up.”

Kelly Moore hung on to finish second, but Ryan faded to a fifth place finish in the closing laps.  Jerry Marquis made his way into third and Andy Santerre got by Ryan Moore by inches at the finish line to take the fourth spot.

Mike Olsen finished eighth, which allowed Santerre to click his point lead up slightly to 27 markers.

The Busch North Series next visits Adirondack International Speedway (NY) on Saturday night, July 31st.

Quarterley motors around NHIS. (51 Photo)