Caution After Caution Takes Out Many Big Hitters Early
Preceding Kirby’s accident, outside front row started Ryan Hemphill failed to even make the start of the race when his car didn’t fire off of pit road.  After working on it while the field was running pace laps, the superspeedway dominator was able to make it back out before the green flew, but at the back of the field.

“There were some very, very impatient and aggressive drivers out there today,” said Hemphill, who was taken out for good in an accident off of a restart on lap 45.  “Never in a million years would I have imagined this many cautions and this many wrecked cars in 50 laps.  It was a weird day.

“I don’t know, it was just a weird start to the day.  The car wouldn’t start so they changed the kill switch and it started.  It was one of those days where you are trying to play catch up all day and it normally never works out the way you want it to.  We were going to be ok, but things just didn’t work out.  We were going to be patient, but that didn’t work.

“That is how racing goes sometimes.”

Miller, who had to start at the back of the pack after taking a provisional, moved his way to the front of the field, but
Joey Miller's (top) and Frank Kimmel's (bottom) cars were two of those heavily damaged in accidents Saturday afternoon.
Big name after big name was knocked out of the event early, making for a sparse field when the checkers flew nearly two and a half hours later in the 134-lap event.   Only half of the 41 cars that started the race finished it.

Pole sitter  Stuart Kriby, points leader Frank Kimmel, series speedway dominator Ryan Hemphill; along with Joey Miller, Tandy Marlin, Walt Brannen, Tim Steele, AJ Henriksen and Chad Blount all fell victim to accidents, leaving the door open for Hendrick Motorsports development driver Kyle Krisiloff

Krisiloff took the lead from Brent Sherman on lap 110 and never looked back, despite having a car that was quickly going away late in the race.

It was a big win for Krisiloff, who has family ties to the Indy Racing League and the Hulman family, on a weekend where the ARCA cars shared the stage with the IRL machines.
“Everybody was here…. the whole family,” said Krisiloff.  “Everyone was stoked.  I just wish Mr. (Rick) Hendrick was here and some of the people from ditech.com.  We needed this win.  I learned at Lake Erie (Speedway, Krisiloff’s first ARCA race) that first is awesome, second is great, but not finishing sucks.”

Krisiloff was able to avoid all of the accidents and trouble on the track, which started on lap one, when Kirby got into the turn four wall.
Somedays… you wonder if there is a full moon, even when the sun is shining bright in the sky.  Such was the case Saturday afternoon at Chicagoland Speedway in the ReadyHosting.com 200 ARCA event.
was the innocent victim of an accident involving Brannen and Kimmel.  As Miller slowed up and nearly came to a stop, the car of Bryan Gandy ran into the back of the #9 Hagans Racing Dodge at full speed, propelling itself on top of Miller’s ride.

“I felt a bump and then I was actually under a car,” said Miller.  “Once we stopped sliding and I turned the engine off, I started to wonder if I should change his oil while he is sitting here on top of me.  Then I started thinking that my window was blocked and what I was going to do.  Then I started to feel the heat from the engine and I was like ‘I don’t like the position I am in here.’
“The safety workers got there and I had to crawl out of the right side of the car.  We had a good car.  This car could have won this race by far.”

But despite all of the accidents and problems by all of the top runners, it was Krisiloff who garnered the attention on Saturday.

“I was fortunate that none of (the accident) were around me.  If you have your head up you can normally keep out of trouble.  There were cars everywhere out there today.  It was really kind of a weird day.  There were some good cars that didn’t finish today.  That isn’t normal. 

“The car was tight, tight, tight.   The last set of tires we had horrible.  I think it was our worse set of tires. 
“Stock car racing teaches me a lot.  We struggled here all weekend long.  We just rode all day. We rode and rode and rode.  This was just about being smooth and keeping your head on straight.  That is what we did and it paid off.”

Rookie TJ Bell capped off a career day by finished second and was followed to the line by Christi Passmore in third.   Brent Sherman and Chris Moore rounded out the top-five.

Kyle Krisiloff becasme another first-time ARCA winner in 04.  (51 Photos)