What Do They Do On The Turkey Holiday?
JASON HOGAN (NASCAR Southeast Series)

“We don't have much of a tradition around here.  We just pretty much all get together and eat give place and get pretty fat.  All around Cleveland.  We'll eat at like four different houses.


“Normally, we always used to get together, the whole family at my mom's house.  She cooks enough for an army.   But ever since everyone has moved away, we
Sherman stays out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

“It is the same old thing that everyone does.  I just go over to family's house (mom's house) and chow down.   We just hang out.  I'm kind of a boring story on Thanksgiving.  All I just do is just eat.  Eat, drink”

“I sometimes try to help out in the kitchen, but she (mom) is so good at it.  She likes having full control.

“We just moved into a new house so I was thinking about having some people over here, but we then decided it would be too much work.  So we'll just go over there.”
DEAN STROM (NASCAR Midwest Series Media Coordinator)

“You know, I get up and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade because my wife gets up before me and gets to the TV before I do.  Then, we watch some football.  We go to the in-laws and eat and eat and eat.  The best part of the night is dessert.  They have a pumpkin pie cheesecake tort.  It combines two of my favorite foods, pumpkin pie and cheesecake.  I pretty much eat until I hurt.  Then we just sit around.

“One year, I tried to do the two dinner deal on Thanksgiving and I thought I was going to be sick. So I limited that.  I just do one dinner now.  Although, I surprise people with how much I can eat for a little man.”
We all have them!  Thanksgiving traditions.  They may not be anything spectacular.  Most of the time, they invovles food, friends, family and football.  Most of the time, it is in that order as well.

But what do some of today's top short tracker's do on the Turkey Holiday?  Well, most of them do about the same thing, they just do it away from the track track for once.  Here is what some of the guys we talked to like to do over thanksgiving.
hardly get to do anything anymore.  I guess that is part of growing up.

“This year, me and Diana are going to have our own Thanksgiving at home.  We will just sit around and make some plans for December and watch football since there is no racing on.  That is the next best thing.”
Jason Hogan stays and gets fat on Turkey Day.
It's all about family and football for Donny Lia.

“We have a big family dinner.  It’s all about getting together and hanging out with our family. 

"It’s a really nice time of year because you get to relax a little bit.  We get to watch some football and enjoy the day."


“We usually all come to our house and eat a bunch of fried turkey and dressing.  And it has to be fried turkey.  If you are going to eat oven turkey, you might as well go to McDonalds.  The difference between fried turkey and
oven turkey is like eating McDonald's Chicken McNuggets and momma's homemade chicken nuggets.

“So we have turkey and all the fixings.  We have some good cornbread dressing.   My mom makes that stuff homemade.   My grandmother makes some great cream corn and my mom makes some pie.

“We usually eat lunch.  So we are so full, we just can't move.  We used to play football, but now, we just sit around and watch football, like the Cowboys, but they are worthless this year.”

“We just normally hit Thanksgiving with Traci's parents and family.  We do that on Thanksgiving.  Then, I go up and do Thanksgiving with my parents on Friday.  So I get to eat twice, that is why I'm a little bit bigger.

“It is actually pretty cool to watch the girls (the Cywinskis' daughters Cara and Marina) as they grow and what the holidays mean to them.  Growing up, you always looked forward to the holidays, but as you got older and they started to mean a little less.  Now, we get to see that in their eyes.”

“In addition to everything that I do in racing, I also run a small business and have a part-time job, so most of the year is all about running around and juggling things – sometimes not very well.  On Thanksgiving, I’m able to sit back and relax a little bit and also appreciate a few of the people in my life that are special to me and that I take for granted way too much.

"This year, I’ll be able to spend some quiet time with my fiancée Lisa and our two dogs Ginger and Mack, as well as the cat that also lives under our roof.  I think that we might have dinner with my parents and my brother.  But, I won’t be working, I won’t be running around and I won’t be stressed out. Once in awhile, that is a really nice thing to be doing nothing no matter how much you love what you do for a living.

"One thing that I won't do is watch football.  I hate football."
Kevin Cywinski walks with his daughter Cara.
David Hole
DAVID HOLE (SAS, Super Late Models)

“Well, what we do, since I have my side of the family and my wife has her side, each year we alternate whose family's place we go to.  One year, we go to my side, the next to her's. 

“Our big tradition is that the week after the Snowball Derby, my father takes me, my wife and our family and my sister and family on a trip somewhere.  And we go somewhere different every year.  Last year, we went to Disney World.  This year, we are going to New York.  Next year, I think we are going to take a cruise.  Wherever we
go, there is about 15 of us that go, so that is pretty fun.

“One year, when we went to Disney World, my sister had a nine-month old.  Well, needless to say, we were all sitting around and they put the baby back in the stroller.  She took off walking thinking someone else was pushing the stroller and the other person thought she was.  About a quarter-mile away, we wondered where the baby was.  We went sprinting back and there was a group of people around the stroller just waiting for us to come back.  We can laugh about it now.  Those trips never cease to give us some memories.
CHARLIE BRADBERRY (Super Late Models, Trucks)

“We are going to sit around and eat all of the desserts, chocolate cake and turkey that we can. 

"My Mom makes four different desserts and they are all great.  So we’ll sit around and get fat. 

"After I eat, I’ll probably go over to the shop and finish up some of the work on my Snowball Derby car.”

The last few years, we all eat and then Thursday night or Friday morning, we have to leave for the (USAR ProCup finale) in Lakeland, Fl.   That kinda sucks, but that is what we are getting used to.  My parents are separated, so I normally eat lunch at mom's and then head to my dad's place for dinner.

“Then, I got home, make a bunch of turkey sandwiches with mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper and pickles to eat on the road.”
Bradberry will have "Derby" on the mind.

“Actually, the last four or five years, it seems like we've been away from home because we are out practicing for the Snowball Derby or getting ready to head down to Florida for the last ProCup race of hte year. 

"I haven’t been home for an old-fashioned Thanksgiving for about four or five years.  So normally, we just look for something good along the side of the road to eat and have a dinner there.   It isn't much special.
"This year, ’m flyign Thursday morning and meeting my parents in Tamapa.  I guess we'll just get something to eat down there, but i guess we'll be togethere that way."

Kauffman eats "on the road."