Brennan Poole Wins On-Track, but Kurzejewski Declared Unofficial Winner of UARA Event at Tri-County in Tech
Poole's Third-Straight Win Unofficially Overturned
Series PR Report

Brennan Poole leads Matt Kurzejewski on the track in this photo, but Kurzejewski unofficially was declared the winner after problems were detected with Poole's heads in post-race tech.  (David Allio Photo)

In a race that was called a spectators race Brennan Poole sailed to his apparent fourth UARA win for 2010 in the Xtreme Trophies and More 150. Three of those wins in concession.  Post race inspection changed all that for the 2009 UARA Rookie of the Year.  It was declared around 2 am on 7-17-10 that Poole’s engine had failed the inspection performed by UARA officials. 

The decision has been formally appealed by Poole’s car owner Jamie Yelton making the finish unofficial.  The UARA appeals board would be called upon to have both sides plead their case and a final decision will be made at that time and announced as soon as the decision is made.

After a few showers early in the evening the fans got all they wanted to see and more.  Matt Kurzejewski set the Sunoco Pole time at 16.265 followed by Poole on the outside at a 16.298.

The twenty one field cars was set and the action would begin.  First of the nights event would be the Carolina Vintage Racers with a strong 12 car field.  This awesome group of drivers is a blast from the past and a pleasure to watch.  Sue Kimmel, Joe Evans, Wayne Hearne, Doug Howell and Howard Scruggs would be the top five finishers.

The Renegade cars were the second to hit the track and it was Greg Austin who came home the winner after a night of fender bending crashing all through the 25 lap event.  Austin was followed to the checker by Carroll McKinney, Darren Dickinson, Dan Moore, Dillon Crouch and Joseph Hodges.  The fans were given plenty of excitement during this race.  Rumor was that rivals in this division will continue their war at Hickory Motor Speedway and on and on.

In the UARA segment of the night Brennan Poole took the lead on lap one and maintained that position throughout the race.  Poole did not have an easy go of it as Kurzejewski was hot on his tail the entire evening along with a host of other very determined STARS drivers.  The field ran caution free and at a very fast pace for the first 80 laps.  The first caution flew as the car of Tyler English took a spin out of turn two down the backstretch.  No harm done, English spins on around and gets right back in the thick of the race.

As the green flies it would be Poole, Kurzejewski, Lee Tissot, Kyle Grissom, Garrett Campbell, Coleman Pressley, Ronnie Bassett Jr, Scott Turlington, Clint King, Robert Johnson, Alex Yontz and Grant Wimbish as the top twelve running nose to tail through the turns. 

For several laps the Pressley, Turlington, Bassett and Yontz cars are just tooth and nail scurrying for the same position.  Lap 104 sees the Turlington and Pressley cars take a spin down the backstretch with Turlington’s nose suffering quite a bit of damage but he will continue on.

Back to green it is Poole still on the point with Kurzejewski, Tissot, Yontz and Grissom in hot pursuit.  On lap 125 the Campbell, Grissom, Johnson and Bassett cars are in such a tight battle you could throw a blanket over the group.  This group will run several laps like that and then on lap 130 the Bassett car will be spinning after contact from the Grissom car.  Grissom will receive a stop and go penalty for rough driving and the show resumes.

Inching his way on through the field is Brandon Knupp making his first UARA visit.  Knupp would go from a 21st place qualifying position to bring home a fifth place finish.  Knupp runs ARCA and the NASCAR truck series from time to time.  Knupp would be the G Force Shift of the Race winner after gaining 16 positions during the event.

Coming down to the wire Poole is still the man of the hour with Kurzejewski, Campbell, and Tissot and Johnson right in his tracks.  The final caution will fall on lap 145 as the Clint King car spins after contact from the Scott Turlington car in turns one and two.  This will bring the field to a green white checker finish.  The crowd is hoping as the show goes on.  The final lap will have Pressley and Grissom in a very tight battle and they make contact coming down the front stretch for the checker but it would be Grissom by a tiny bit who claims the position.

There were battles all over the track with cars running three deep in the turns with some drivers feeling like the ham in a sandwich.  At some points the action was so fierce it appeared that two car covers would cover five cars at one time they were running so close together. This excitement went on lap, after lap, after lap.  It was a challenge for fans to determine which section of the track to keep their eyes on in fear they might miss something on another part of the track.

Kurzejewski not only was declared winner after post race inspection, he was also the Rookie of the Race.  Kurzejewski won with a Chevy Crate engine.  Harrington Race Engines will be the Comp Cams Engine Builder of the Race.

Scott Turlington will be the ARbodies Hard Luck Driver of the race.  Turlington appeared to have a good top ten car before falling victim to his spin during lap 104.

The UARA-STARS will be in action again at Concord Speedway August 7, 2010.

Unofficial Xtreme Trophies and More 150 Finish

110Matt Kurzejewski155
212Garrett Campbell155
327Lee Tissot155
411Robert Johnson155
515Brandon Knupp155
632Kyle Grissom155
759Coleman Pressley155
828Matt Leicht155
907Clint King155
1004Ronnie Bassett, Jr.154
1198Alex Yontz154
1223Michael Rouse154
1341George Miedecke154
141Julia Dawson152
1518Tyler English151
1648Scott Turlington146
1747Patrick Molesworth140
1857Grant Wimbish107
1954Kaleb Pressley41
2060R.A.  Brown15
215Brennan PooleDQ'd

Kurzejewski (right) and Poole (left) lead the field to green at Tri-County.  (David Allio Photo)