Truckin' With Twisty: The DT 100
Racing Against Some Big Stars & Raising Money for a Good Cause
By Mike Twist
As I get older, I find myself with more family responsibilities and less discretionary income.  That means fewer chances to race.  My two race trucks, that I started writing this column about several years ago, have now sat idle for a few years.  I haven't yet had the heart to aggressively try to sell them, but I don't see a return to Beech Ridge or Oxford in their immediate futures either.  Even lawnmower racing has been cut back due to a lack of time and money.

So I've really had to pick and choose the races that I've done lately and for the past few years, I've picked a very worthy one indeed to enter - The DT 100.

The DT 100 is a charity kart race organized by Dave Thomas, Jr.  It's a win-win event for everyone involved.  It is a chance to go wheel-to-wheel with some very accomplished drivers - this year's entries included Eddie MacDonald, Ben Rowe, Johnny Clark, Andy Seuss, Chris Perley, Modified Racing Series regular Jacob Dore, Rich Eaton, and Wayne Helliwell, Jr.  Even more importantly though is the fact that the event raises funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  In 2009, nearly $6,000 was raised.  This year, that tally grew to over $20,000!

So in two short years, it's become my version of the Oxford 250.  Like the 250, it's all about just qualifying for the main event.  This year, there were 70 entries battling for just nine starting spots in the 100-lap main event - using the karts of the Victory Lane Karting center in Portland, Maine.

The DT 100 took place at Victory Lane on Saturday.  Jim Cabral's staff at the center had their work cut out just to make the event happen.  A superspeedway-sized wreck sidelined many of the karts the night before, so the workers at Victory Lane wrenched and welded them back together until 2:30am and were back on the job at 6:00am just to get them race-ready.  A few of the guys even slept at the facility!

Their dedication was appreciated and also essential to getting the show going.  After a weigh-in and driver's meeting, the show got started right at 10am.  My draw resulted in being placed in the first of the heat races.

I drew sixth for my heat race and needed to finish of first or second to advance through the day.  I got off to a promising start by jockeying my way to third place on the first lap.  But at this point, the top two runners had pulled away.  A late race caution in the 25-lap qualifier led to a green-white-checkered finish and with one lap to go, I briefly nosed into second place.  However, I didn't have the momentum to keep that spot and finished out of the money in third behind former NASCAR Busch North driver Fred Skaff and Johnny Arvo.

Having an early heat gave me a chance to enjoy some of the other heat race action.  The highlights of those qualifiers ranged from watching Wayne Helliwell, Jr. nearly lap the field in his event to seeing a great three-way battle for the victory between Chris Perley, Andy Seuss and Mike Ordway, Jr. 

Ordway ended up taking the victory in that qualifier ahead of Perley and Seuss (who didn't advance).  The victory was remarkable though because Ordway had been involved in an early wreck.  The impact caused the engine in his kart to shift ahead and damage the drive gear.  It was fixed under a lengthy red flag and Ordway worked his way back to the front.

Finishing just out of the money in my heat race gave me the chance to start on the pole for my consi event.  From there, the winner would get to move on while the runner-up would get a trip to the B-Main.

I would start on the pole, but I drew the kart that was parked in the back of the grid in the infield pit area.  Under the pace laps, I knew I was in trouble when this kart was under wide-open throttle and had a hard time catching the field running under caution.

My fears were confirmed at the drop of the green.  I went from first to sixth on lap one.  I tried to keep the damage limited by doing a bit of blocking and that led to being spun out…completely my fault.  I managed to stay on the lead lap and thanks to learning how to make momentum my friend, I somehow got back up to fifth.  This was still far out of the money and my day was done.

Eventually, Mike Murphy, Jr. from All-Star Speedway (NH) would go on to win the DT 100 after Chris Leonard led early. 

Plans are already being made for next year's event - and I can't wait for it to come.

2nd Annual "DT 100" for Make-A-Wish Results:

HEAT #1:
1. 33 Fred Skaff
2. 46 Craig Arvo
3. 53 Mike Twist
4. 43J Johnny Arvo
5. 20 Howie Lane
6. 98T Tommy Tombarello
7. 97 Danny Lane
8. 79 Patrick Tanguay

HEAT #2:
1. 01JR. Wayne Helliwell Jr.
2. 13R Jimmy Russell
3. 48 Ben Rowe
4. 7oz. Grant Aither
5. 11X Freddie Leclair
6. 0 Richie Ashford
7. 71 Eddie MacDonald
8. 37L Jeff Locke

HEAT #3:
1. 00 Bryan Kruczek
2. 88 Seth Stickney
3. 87 Keith Gilliam
4. 22 Chris Leonard
5. 98D Steve Dickey Jr.
6. 13 Jeff LaVallee
7. 4 Jason Parsons
8. 8 Clint Moulton

HEAT #4:
1. 55 Mike Netishen
2. 27 Lanson Fornoro
3. 49 Matt Anderson
4. 23X Barry Kingsley
5. 23 James Maxwell
6. 5 Bill Dastou
7. 44 Travis Stickney
8. 9 Eddie Witkum Jr. (DQ)

HEAT #5:
1. 73 Tom Netishen
2. 38 Ricky Wolf
3. 14 J.Scott Martel
4. 99 Jason Phillips
5. 61S Mike Spurling
6. 29 Mike King
7. 08 Kenny Dunbar
8. 37 "Pistol" Pete Fraser

HEAT #6:
1. 85 Michael Barnes
2. 75 Johnny Ashley
3. 12 Katrina Canney
4. 4X Rich Eaton
5. 19 Glenn Murch
6. 80 Mike Unger
7. 54 Johnny Clark
8. 007 "Neon" Leon Campell

HEAT #7:
1. 51 Mike Ordway Jr.
2. 11 Chris Perley
3. 70 Andy Seuss
4. 41 Mike Recine
5. 43 Brian Storace
6. 69 Mike Goutier
7. 77 Shawn McLaughlin

HEAT #8:
1. 6 Mike Murphy
2. 66 PJ Murphy
3. 135 Alby Ovitt
4. 57 Bill Fiske
5. 52 Dave Danzer

HEAT #9:
1. 21NH Matt Pitkin
2. 25 Dan Bowes
3. H8 Vin Greco
4. 616 Artie Rousseau
5. 05 Jacob Dore
6. 79 Patrick Tanguay
7. 71M Steve Jacques

1. 135 Alby Ovitt
2. 4X Rich Eaton
3. 79 Patrick Tanguay
4. 0 Richie Ashford
5. 53 Mike Twist
6. 23 James Maxwell
7. 77 Shawn McLaughlin
8. 37 "Pistol" Pete Fraser

1. H8 Vin Greco
2. 97 Danny Lane
3. 61S Mike Spurling
4. 48 Ben Rowe
5. 41 Mike Recine
6. 13 Jeff LaVallee

1. 43J Johnny Arvo
2. 5 Bill Dastou
3. 19 Glenn Murch
4. 57 Bill Fiske
5. 87 Keith Gilliam
6. 71 Eddie MacDonald

1. 7oz. Grant Aither
2. 4 Jason Parsons
3. 37L Jeff Locke
4. 43 Brian Storace
5. 616 Artie Rousseau
6. 49 Matt Anderson
7. 29 Mike King

1. 22 Chris Leonard
2. 14 J.Scott Martel
3. 52 Dave Danzer
4. 8 Clint Moulton
5. 20 Howie Lane
6. 44 Travis Stickney
7. 007 "Neon" Leon Campbell
8. 80 Mike Unger

1. 05 Jacob Dore
2. 12 Katrina Canney
3. 69 Mike Goutier
4. 23X Barry Kingsley
5. 9 Eddie Witkum Jr.
6. 11X Freddie Leclair
7. 08 Kenny Dunbar

98T Tommy Tombarello
98D Steve Dickey
99 Jason Phillips
54 Johnny Clark
70 Andy Seuss
71M Steve Jacques

1. 98D Steve Dickey Jr.
2. 5 Bill Dastou
3. 97 Danny Lane
4. 4 Jason Parsons
5. 4X Rich Eaton
6. 14 J.Scott Martel
7. 12 Katrina Canney

1. 98T Tommy Tombarello
2. 55 Mike Netishen
3. 135 Alby Ovitt
4. 33 Fred Skaff
5. 46 Craig Arvo
6. 7oz. Grant Aither
7. 27 Lanson Fornoro
8. 11 Chris Perley
9. 51 Mike Ordway Jr.

1. 01JR. Wayne Helliwell Jr.
2. 6 Mike Murphy
3. 22 Chris Leonard
4. 13R Jimmy Russell
5. H8 Vin Greco
6. 38 Ricky Wolf
7. 98D Steve Dickey Jr.
8. 73 Tom Netishen

1. 00 Bryan Kruczek
2. 21NH Matt Pitkin
3. 25 Dan Bowes
4. 88 Seth Stickney
5. 05 Jacob Dore
6. 85 Michael Barnes
7. 43J Johnny Arvo
8. 5 Bill Dastou
9. 75 Johnny Ashley

1. 6 Mike Murphy
2. 135 Alby Ovitt
3. 55 Mike Netishen
4. 22 Chris Leonard
5. 25 Dan Bowes
6. 00 Bryan Kruczek
7. 01JR. Wayne Helliwell Jr.
8. 21NH Matt Pitkin
9. 98T Tommy Tombarello

Chris Perley leads Andy Seuss and Mike Ordway. Jr. during one of the heat races.
Ben Rowe and Wayne Helliwell, Jr. do battle.  (51 Photos)
Mike Ordway, Jr. gets repaired under a red flag.
Feature winner Mike Murphy
There was a standing room only crowd for the DT 100.
Event organizer Dave Thomas, Jr.
Eddie MacDonald