“Save Nashville Fairgrounds” Supporters Establish Facebook Page…and Needs Your Help!
Tennesse Track Needs Support to Stay Open
From Concerned Nashville Fairgrounds Racetrack Supporters

A Facebook page has been started in an effort to save the historic Fairgrounds Racetrack in Nashville Tennessee. The purpose is to hear from racers across the country and relay their thoughts about the Fairgrounds to the Nashville City Council. The city government must be informed about the importance of the racetrack at the Fairgrounds and supporters have decided to use the popular social network site to gather support and information.

Organizers would like fans and racers alike to comment on their Facebook Page.  Supporters can type “Save Nashville Fairgrounds” into their Facebook search line or go to:

Their Facebook Page

You must click the “Like” button at the top of the page and then you will have the ability to leave your comments.  Please relay your thoughts and be sure to include the number of times you visit Nashville and where you are from.

It will take a great effort from everyone involved to reach out to friends and contacts to spread the news of this effort and get everyone concerned about the track’s future to post on this new page.  Please do your part to save the heritage and future of one of the greatest short tracks in the country.

Nashville has been a staple in the history of short track racing with Late Model events like the All American 400.