Lucas Oil Speedway Adds a Lake for Racing
Boat Racing Will Take Place Right Next to the Missouri Dirt Track
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Located directly adjacent to the 3/8-mile clay track that they call “The Diamond of Dirt Tracks” in Wheatland, Missouri is the construction site of a great new marine stadium.  Roughly rectangular, it measures 3,800 feet long, 400 feet wide, and 10 feet deep and, when filled with just over 11 million gallons of water, it’ll be all set to stage some of the most exciting boat drag competition in the country beginning at the end of July next year. 

“This is truly the first purpose-built facility of its kind in the World,” said Lucas Operations Director Mike Chastain.  “We’re building this new facility from the ground up to be the perfect place to run drag boats with great views for the fans and to be as safe as possibly for the competitors.” 

Most existing drag boat racing facilities are located on rivers, in lakes and on bays where currents, boating traffic, and other impediments can subject those courses to disturbances that sometime interfere with the competition.  As this Lucas lake is a completely purpose-built facility, none of those problems will ever hinder the show.

Water skiing, jet skis, sailing, even rowing, just about any sort of recreation activity or floating competition that can be done on water is a real possibility for this big, beautiful, fully-engineered lake.

The Wheatland waterway is just slightly larger than the famous Lake Lloyd at Daytona International Speedway, and its site is already an aerial landmark in Missouri’s Hickory County.

In Florida the earth that was moved to create the infield lake at Daytona was used to build the banking of the race course; the material that was removed at Wheatland is being used to berm up the sides of the lake to add working depth as well as to provide raised spectator viewing areas.

Lucas Oil Speedway General Manager Dan Robinson recently said it best for just about every fan of fast boating competition: “I can’t wait to get it filled up and operating!” 

An interesting new racing facility is under construction at Lucas Oil Speedway.