WearCrete Racing with Jeff Fultz Announces the Entry of
Curtis Venable in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge                  Super Late Model Team Owner to Ride
Motorcycle From Key West to Alaska
PR Report

WearCrete Racing owner, Curtis Venable, will participate in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge beginning on June 20th, 2010.  Some of the world's most fearless riders will come together for a 7,000+ mile run from Key West, FL to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Across two countries they will ride and test their will as warriors in the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge! 

Only 1,000 chosen individuals - those who can hear 10,000 horses hooves thunder across the prairie as they ride into battle - will be counted among the most elite riders to ever straddle a steel horse.  The chosen few will receive a numbered challenge coin, minted with the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Logo. And, at the end, there lies a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in ALASKAN GOLD for whoever reaches the final checkpoint first. There is no prize in a warrior society for second place. Every Harley-Davidson™ dealership in the world has been invited to participate so riders should prepare to be challenged not only by the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Organizers but by riders from around the globe!  Meaning - It's a Good Day to Die - “HOKA HEY” was the roar of every warrior that rode into battle with Crazy Horse.  The Event follows a 7,000 (+/-) mile route that incorporates the Continental US, Canada, and Alaska. The exact route and details of all destinations will only be issued upon arrival at each checkpoint.  The event is open to air cooled, V-Twin Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles only.  Custom bikes may qualify but certain modifications (e.g., fuel cells) may not be permitted.

Venable has explained, “If I am fortunate enough to win this prestigious event I will donate half of the prize winnings to a North Carolina based charity.  I understand the route includes mountain ranges, swamps, and national forests covering two countries.  Since WearCrete Racing driver, Jeff Fultz, just won the Rattler 250 at South Alabama Speedway I thought this was the perfect time to keep our winning streak alive.  Sponsors for my ride are most welcome.”

WearCrete Racing with Jeff Fultz specializes in all types of fabrication, including interior work, hanging bodies, as well as building new cars from the ground up. They offer chassis set up on a variety of cars including Late Model Stocks, Pro Late Models, Super Late Models, and ARCA Series Cars as well as track support for all those divisions. They also offer complete rental program for someone wanting to compete in a Late Model Stock, a Pro Late Model or a Super Late Model. WearCrete Racing with Jeff Fultz can be reached by contacting their shop at 704-662-9771 or by contacting Curtis Venable at 919-750-2445 or Jeff Fultz at 704-756-2326.

Curtis Venable owns Jeff Fultz's #67 Super Late Model.  (Dennis Kimble Photo)