81 Drivers Are Eligible For JMcK 63 at LaCrosse's Oktoberfest
Feature Race Will Bring Top Weekly Talent Together
Track PR Report
The New JMcK 63 taking place Sunday afternoon October 10 during the Oktoberfest Race Weekend at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway promises to bring the top weekly talent together for a three race showdown honoring late 'Fest promoter John McKarns. This invitational event is open to 2010 weekly late model and Big 8 Series feature winners, former Big 8 Series Oktoberfest Champions, past ARTGO Challenge Series top guns as well as the top six in Big 8 Series points.

All told, an incredible eighty one weekly racers are eligible to compete in the inaugural JMcK 63, modeled after the Dick Trickle 99 race format McKarns loved and introduced to 'Fest during 2007. In his honor, Big 8 style late models will run Sunday October 10 in three 21 lap segments with the first segment being lined up by draw, the second by inversion and third based on the roll of the dice. JMcK was an abbreviated version of John McKarns' signature over the years.

"Our entire family is excited for this event." Stated John's youngest son Gregg. "It was Dad's love of weekly short track racing in Northwest Ohio that then grew into a lifetime of promoting top notch events, by the looks of it, Mom and Dad will be smiling down on us Sunday of 'Fest." Up to thirty cars will start this event, utilizing the Big 8 standardized rules and used Hoosier 800 tires.

For additional information on the 41st annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend including Camping, call 608-786-1525 or visit www.oktoberfestraceweekend.com. Companies interested in adding to the already growing number for bonuses for the JMcK 63 are encouraged to contact Gregg McKarns at 815-633-1500.

JMcK 63 Big 8 Late Model Invitational
Oktoberfest Race Weekend
Sunday Afternoon October 10, 2010
LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
81 Eligible Drivers

Driver Name    Eligibility Status
Al Weishoff Columbus 151 Speedway
Andrew Kluck Wisconsin International Raceway
Andrew Kulka Dells Raceway Park
Andy Burgess Past FEST Big 8 Winner
Bill Niles LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Bob Kahler Jefferson Speedway
Bobby Kendall Dells Raceway Park
Bobby Wilberg Madison International Speedway ENTERED
Brent Kirchner LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Brent Strelka Wisconsin International Raceway
Casey Johnson Big 8 Series & Jefferson Winner
Chris Blawat Slinger Super Speedway
Chris Quam Jefferson Speedway
Corey Jankowski Dells Raceway Park
Dale Nottestad Madison International Speedway
Dan Lensing Dells Raceway Park
Davey Pennel Dells Raceway Park
Dean Schultz Columbus 151 Speedway
Derek Childs Dells Raceway Park
Doug Brown Elko Speedway
Doug Hahn Jefferson Speedway
Dylan Moore Elko Speedway
Dylan Schuyler Jefferson Speedway
J Herbst LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Jacob Vanoskey Slinger Super Speedway
James Swan Top 6 Big 8 Points*
Jason Schuler ARTGO Provisional ENTERED
Jay Sauter LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Jeremy Lepak Top 6 Big 8 Points*
Jeremy Miller Madison International Speedway
Jerry Auby Columbus 151 Speedway
Jerry Eckhardt Columbus 151 Speedway
Jerry Gille Rockford Speedway
Jessie Van Roy Wisconsin International Raceway
John Ovadahl Jefferson Speedway
Johnny Baumeister, Jr Big 8 Series Winner
Jon Lemke ARTGO Provisional
Jon Reynolds, Jr Big 8 Series & Rockford Winner
Joseph Garofalo Elko Speedway
Kevin Nuttleman McKarns Provisional
Kris Kelly Wisconsin International Raceway
Kyle Jarlsberg Jefferson Speedway
Kyle Shear Rockford Speedway
Luke Hoffman Columbus 151 Speedway
Luke Westenberg Jefferson Speedway
Michael Clapper Columbus 151 Speedway
Mike Beyer Past FEST Big 8 Winner
Mike Carlson LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Mike Ehde Dells Raceway Park ENTERED
Mike Graczkowski Slinger Super Speedway
Mike Koeneke LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Mike Lichtfeld Dells Raceway Park
Mike Lloyd Rockford Speedway
Nick Barstad Elko Speedway
Nick Wendt Columbus 151 Speedway
Patrick McIntee Slinger Super Speedway
Ricky Bilderback Rockford Speedway
Rob Braun Slinger Super Speedway
Ross Kenseth Past FEST Big 8 Winner
Rusty Hanson Columbus 151 Speedway
Ryan Carlson Rockford Speedway
Ryan Goldade Madison International Speedway
Ryan Zielski Jefferson Speedway
Sawyer Effertz Wisconsin International Raceway
Scott Broughton Madison International Speedway
Scott Lindsay Jefferson Speedway
Scott Ollerman Columbus 151 Speedway
Shawn Pfaff LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Skylar Holzhausen Dells Raceway Park
Steve Carlson LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Steve Dobbratz Columbus 151 Speedway
Steve Lichtfeld Dells Raceway Park
Steve Schultz Elko Speedway
Tanner Bohlen Wisconsin International Raceway
Tanner Whitten Rockford Speedway
Tim Sargent Rockford Speedway
Todd Korish Past FEST Big 8 Winner ENTERED
Tom Gille Rockford Speedway
Travis Dassow Slinger Super Speedway ENTERED
Wayne Freimund Slinger Super Speedway
Zach Riddle Madison International Speedway

* Elibibility may change based on Big 8 Series Top 6 Points

To Enter this event or for eligibility questions please contact Gregg McKarns at 815-703-0285