FAST Makes Modification to Florida Spec Motor Policy
Seals Will Not Longer Be Required on Spec Engines
Series PR Report
In keeping with its objective of helping race teams manage their equipment costs, Florida All Stars Tour (FAST) officials today announced the following change regarding the Florida Spec Super and Limited Late Model Sealed Engine Program:

Effective immediately seals will no longer be a requirement at FAST events. In addition, the restrictions regarding the building, servicing, and sealing of this category of engine no longer applies.  Engine builders and competitors can now build “Florida Spec” engines themselves.  Florida Spec engines will be inspected using the same guidelines as the Steel Head and 9 to1 engines with the same penalties if found illegal. Engines inspected at FAST events and deemed necessary to require further inspection will be disassembled the same evening at the racetrack. 

The complete parts lists will be posted on the FAST website ( along with the guidelines.  Also, the FAST rulebook is currently being updated to reflect this change and will be re-posted on the website within the next few days.

This policy change is an example of FAST officials working with competitors to reduce expenses in the face of ever increasing costs.  As part of this effort, FAST is working with suppliers and engine builders on a package price for the Florida Spec Motor, the details of which will be posted on the Tour's website as soon as they are finalized.

Any questions concerning this policy change should be directed to Mark Tanner, Technical Director at