2011 Rattler 250 Questions to be Answered by Fans
Track Officials Consider Moving the Race Date
Track PR Report
The Rattler 250 at South Alabama Speedway is included among races like The Snowball Derby, World Crown 300, Winchester 400, and any other race that carries such prestige. The first weekend in March has been the date of the 250-lap Super Late Model show-down for as long as time can tell. Now, South Alabama Speedway Owners/Promoters John & Sandra Dykes say it might be time for a change.

John Dykes has long been known for transparency in operating the speedway, and often takes votes from drivers concerning proposed rule, schedule, payout, and other amendments. Now, Dykes is asking for your help.

“We have extreme cold all the time, rain a lot of the time, and sometimes both,” said Dykes of the early March date. “I believe it's hurting The Rattler. I just can't help but think that a date in April would help the fans that are here and bring out more fans that wouldn't have come on the first weekend of March.”

Like traditions of multiple $2 ticket nights and the “wave lap” - when series drivers use the third pace lap to form a single-file line and wave to the fans in appreciation – SAS has now opened up the decision to move the Rattler 250 date to you.

By sending email to rattler@z3sportsdesign.com, each and every fan can cast a single vote as to their opinion on the issue. Comments are welcomed, or you can just note that you would like the date to either remain the same or be moved. The options for a new date, as of now, are not set in concrete. However, Dykes says the “first or second weekend in April” are strong possibilities. If you have suggestions for a new date, please be sure to include such in your email.

Mark Chisum is indisputably one of The Rattler's proudest historians. He doesn't want the date changed, as fans across the country know that March is “Rattler time.” Dykes isn't so sure that fans wouldn't welcome the change.

“I understand that there is a long history with that date, but if it's holding us back then it's time to do something,” continued Dykes. “The race won't lose it's history by changing the date, but maybe we can grow it even more if it's on a more fan-friendly weekend.”

The entire Rattler weekend includes local divisions on Friday night, the Pro Late Model Rattler 125 on Saturday night, and The Rattler 250 on Sunday afternoon – none of which will change. The storied race has seen massive growth in recent years, and is known for remarkable finishes, but Dykes feels that a plateau may be beneath them now.

“We're always looking to grow [The Rattler] and make it a race that the fans can really look forward to, but we've hit a wall and it's time for drastic measures,” Dykes said. “If the fans don't want to move it then we won't, but I think it might be better for us all if we move it forward a little.”

No other changes are currently scheduled for the season-opening event concerning spectators, but plans are currently in the works for several ground-breaking promotions to bring in race teams from all over the country.

“We are serious about getting 50 cars for The Rattler,” was a statement Dykes echoed from the speedway website. “Free tires, free fuel, and who knows what else we'll come up with to pack the house next year.”

Stay tuned to Z3Sports.com for more information on those upcoming promotions.

Voting on whether or not to move The 35th Annual Rattler 250 is open now, so be sure to send an email with your suggestion to rattler@z3sportsdesign.com today.

For more information on South Alabama Speedway, please visit www.southalabamaspeedway.com. The speedway office may be contacted by calling (334) 774-3161 or emailing southalabama@centurytel.net.

Scenes from this year's Rattler at South Alabama Speedway.