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Every week, our esteemed panel at will determine the most improbable, fascinating or "shocking" moment from the week and award the Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week."  The winner each week will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the leader in short track shock technology and performance.  At the end of the season, the most "shocking" moment will be awarded the "Shock of the Year" and the winning driver will receive a special gift from Pro Shocks.

For this week's "Shock of the Week..."
Prior to this year's Florida Winter Tour for the Big-Block DIRT Modifieds, Matt Sheppard had never won a race on the tour in Florida.  But things change.  Sheppard headed back to his homeland of Canada at the end of Florida Speedweeks with two feature win trophies and the Winter Tour championship.

To go from upstart to champion was impressive, and to several of our voters, it was also shocking.

That performance earned Matt Sheppard this week's Pro Shocks Shock of the Week award.

Sheppard squeaked out a narrow victory this time around over several asphalt specialists from Florida Speedweeks.


Also receiving votes this week were:

Jeff Choquette (SLM) - Jeff Choquette crossed the finish line first on two separate occasions before the final night of New Smyrna Speedway's 44th Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.  Unfortunately for him, Choquette also ran foul of Technical Director Ricky Brooks' "Room of Doom" during Speedweeks and got disqualified on both times.

So we're not sure what was more shocking - that he stuck around to race on the final night of Smyrna Speedweeks, that he ended up winning the Pete Orr Memorial 100 Super Late Model race against some fine competition or that he passed tech after the victory.  But for all of those reasons, he was recognized by our panel of experts who vote and decide the winner of the Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week" award.

One of our panelists made a comment about Choquette's week when they submitted their vote and we aren't sure if it was a compliment or a slam. 

"{I choose] Jeff Choquette for winning the Pete Orr and not getting thrown out in tech after getting tossed just about every other night!" said the ballot.

BJ McLeod (SLM) - When you think of the Super Late Model portion of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway, you can't help but think of big dogs like Jeff Choquette, Tim Russell or David Rogers.

But this year, all of those guys ended up trailing BJ McLeod in the race for the Smyrna Speedweeks SLM championship.  McLeod used consistency, and one victory, to win the title this year.  In doing so, he shocked a few of our voters.

Matt Hirschman (Mods) - We all know that Matt Hirschman can bag the big trophies in Modified racing, but his fortunes just weren't good at Smyrna Speedweeks this year.  In fact, by the final night of racing, most eyes were focused on Ted Christopher, Ronnie Silk or Chuck Hossfeld when it came to mentioning favorites to win the Richie Evans Memorial.

Well, you should never count out Matt Hirschman - as he shocked the disbelievers and went on to salvage his week with a victory in the biggest Mod show at Smyrna.  That winning performance earned Hirschman an honorable mention in this week's competition.

Keith Rocco and Ronnie Silk (SK Mods) - Fighting at Smyrna Speedweeks?  Well, nobody can really be surprised about that as tempers have been known to flare a little bit during the annual event.  But we can't quite recall such a massive Free-For-All as what occurred after one of the late week SK Modified features.  After Ronnie SIlk won the race, Keith Rocco pulled down into victory lane.  The crews got involved and we stopped counting at 16 the number of people who either threw a punch, pushed, shoved or just tried to break it all up.  That display of aggression was pretty shocking to us and got a "dishonorable mention" as one of this week's shocking moments.


For his “Shock” of a performance, Sheppard will receive a product gift certificate from Pro Shocks, the short-track leader in racing shock technology and performance.  Based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Pro Shocks has helped drivers on both dirt and asphalt perform better for more than 25 years.

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Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"
Pro Shocks "Shock of the Week"